How Pre-incarnation job searches work and where they potentially lead

How Pre-incarnation job searches work and where they lead

In all of my first sessions with people I look at their soul’s pre-incarnation ‘job’ search and then following board meeting, if successful on application.

There you are looking, scrolling through soul growth Seek or Finda sorting through all of the roles that you can take on for your next incarnation.

You read the job description which goes something like this:

Tortured Artist

Prerequisite - must have completed level 1, 2, 3 and 7 of soul development.

You come to Earth School on the 26.1.2010 born to (insert parents) one is an alcoholic and one is a violent aggressor that scares everyone they come into contact with. They live in anger, denial and self medication due to unhealed, unresolved issues from their own upbringings and parents.

You are an Empath and an only child in this destructive dysfunctional environment.

At three years old you show signs of unusually advanced musical abilities.

Everyone is excited about this.

Your parents feel a great sense of pride.

Fame starts pouring into your life at this young age via a Youtube clip going viral.

Your parents love you conditionally due to your talent and make you practice every waking hour of the day pushing you forward on your musical path.

Your Dad will beat you when you don’t want to play anymore, and your Mum will tell you to ‘shut up whining’ when you tell her that you are lonely and want to go to a normal school and have friends to play with.

They will both remind you how lucky you are to be so talented and that they want better for you then they had.

That you are the key, the way out of this.

You understand that they do not care about you and how you feel and only care about the ‘gift’ you have been born with.

At 12 years old you begin to loathe and hate this cursed 'gift' that you have, that makes you so ‘special and different’ you start to wish you were never born and wish that you could be normal like all the other kids you see playing in the yard.

By 16 you become so lonely and isolated that you start plotting your suicide.

Meanwhile your career is taking off you are signed by a record label that see you only as a product.

You are now performing around the world to millions of fans that love your 'gift' and the music.

People always remark on how ‘young’ you are and how ‘gifted’ you are.

There is so much love and admiration pouring out to your 'gift' and the music, and all the while you feel, you yourself have nothing to offer anyone.

You feel you can’t connect with anyone, you are so lonely and isolated despite being the most popular and famous young musician on the Earth at this time.

In your 20’s you begin to medicate with drugs trying to fill the void until at 25 you have a breakdown following 3 serious overdoses.

No-one can understand why someone with so much talent, money, fame and good looks could be so unhappy and destructive, the public feel angry.

You are now totally lonely, completely misunderstood and the world feels like they own a part of you.

After having a stint in rehab you make a come back, the fans are happy once again.

You are playing at the biggest stadium on Earth, it is sold out, and mid concert you freeze.

You can no longer play.

You are ushered away by personal and the concert is shutdown.

There is outrage! You feel totally alone and lonely, totally misunderstood and now completely humiliated.

You feel more worthless than ever.

You are now 27.

A Dr tells you after much testing that you have focal dystonia and may never play again.

Your life is ruined.

You do not know who you are outside of the music.

Without it you are nothing.

Again you feel suicidal.

You have your second breakdown.

Your parents are concerned but you feel their disappointment and resentment. You hear them calling you ‘highly strung’ ‘flaky’ ‘ungrateful’ ‘over sensitive’ ‘if only you’d take your meds and listen to them’.

You’ve heard it all before.

Years pass by you are so depressed you can’t get out of bed and face the day.

The drugs make you fat and slow you hate it, your thoughts are scrambled.

Then one crisp Autumn day you decide within yourself from somewhere that you are going to get up. 
You keep doing this day after day until you get up for the last time in treatment.

You are released.
The staff wave you off on your way with staged smiles and dead eyes as you rattle along the corridor.

To them you are just another number leaving through a forever revolving door.

Some have even sold stories about you to the press.

You move away, far away using the money that you have left from your tattered career and spend your time alone isolated just like in your childhood, except this time there is no music.

Everything still feels empty and meaningless to you.

The press on the whole have given up on harassing you and relishing in your downfall, selling gossip rages by the dozen to prying eyes wanting something to talk about over the coffee table at work.

You are now 32.

You begin to question what the hell this life is all about?

Why am I here?

What is the point?

What am I doing?

Your hands begin to shake again until you drop and smash the cup of coffee you were holding it shatters into pieces on the floor burning your legs with the erratic coffee splatter.

Just like your life broken into unretrievable pieces.

You shake your fist angrily at the sky and vow that you have given up for good this time.

That’s it you are going to die.

You are so painfully lonely and lost.

Then you hear a ‘bing’ come through on Facebook.
It's your ‘friend’ from treatment she always messages you anything that she finds helpful in her recovery.

A lot of wishy washy articles on spirituality that quite frankly you find annoying.

You open the message thinking ‘well at least this is the last time I have to put up with this crap’ the message reads:

Hi  how are you? 
I was just thinking of you! 
I miss you.
Listen I just had to share this with you!
I think it will really help you!
Her name is Amy you can find her here:
She does these soul readings!
Check it out!
Life changing!

And for some reason you decide to click on the link. 
You read what others are saying about her and as if on autopilot you find yourself booking an appointment with her.

That night you feel different, you feel hopeful and calmer.

You feel as if she is already connecting with you somehow.

That night you dream of her.

That she comes and shows you something that you could not see before.

You see her healing you with white and purple light making you feel whole and seen in a way that you have not felt before and you hear a new kind of music penetrating the darkness.

In the morning you make a decision, you feel that you can wait to die until after the appointment with Amy after all what do you have to lose.

The day comes and you meet her.

She is not at all what you expected.

She is just a girl, a young woman wearing a holey jumper that she is apologizing for and making a joke about it, telling you that people are nicknaming her the 'holy reader'. 
You feign interest and muster up a fake smile and laugh that you find exhausting.

You think how on Earth can this person do anything for me?

Then the session begins.

By the end of it you know who you are, why you are here and all of what is above and below this paragraph you know all that you have forgotten, that you are only halfway through your mission and that you signed up for, and got the ‘job’ you wanted and asked for ‘tortured artist’.

You remember once you chose your occupation that you were then taken into the board room where your guides were and they pulled out the toolbox of the necessities that you would need to fulfill this role, that you needed to be given music and empathy as well as adversity, doubt, fear, abandonment rejection, depression, hopelessness, humiliation, anger, resentment, disappointment, poverty, wealth, fame, isolation, love, belonging, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, peace. The whole gambit of emotions and experience as necessities for the job.

No ‘gift’ no 'curse' just what was necessary.

You knew that the music would leave you, and you knew that in return at the age of 32 you would find true love from another that didn’t care about what you could do musically.

All they cared about was you, and loved you for you.

In fact they were what one would describe as tone deaf.

You remembered that the two of you were going to bring in two other souls to Earth that had important work to do here.
That was far greater than you.

You remembered that these two children you loved truly and completely like only a Mother or Farther can, and that they had come to you to take care of you and heal you. That, is how much they love you.

You remembered that slowly and surely with their love, care and attention you begin to play again.

Except this time you do it from love and you do it how you want to, and when you want to.

You see that you reach a point where you feel worthy as a person on the planet with or without what your were given to do the job with.

You realise It is not yours and it is not you and, that you wanted to do this. All of this.

And you begin to understand and remember why.

From that point on you realise that your life is not about you you remember that you came to serve others through your experience and learning, that you are a teacher.

That this experience is for growth, and that creation creates for the sake of creating, expressing and fulfilling itself through you.

In that moment you are then able to demolish your ego, depersonalise your life and surrender, feeling nothing other than a deep sense of gratitude for the lesson and the opportunity that you are being given to give to others.

That you are adequate, that you are whole and worthy no matter what.

You feel nothing but love for your parents for the first time in your life as you realise that they in fact love you so much that they chose to incarnate with you to love you so inadequately in order for you to learn to come from your own internal power and love yourself completely.

You see the perfection in the divine plan: to truly have something you must know its absence and that life is about reclamation and ultimately love.

You sit back gobsmacked, tears streaming down your face as you realise this has all been done out of love so that you could grow, develop and help others.

That it has all been orchestrated, put here on purpose for you - just for you and your unfoldment all out of love and for the greater good.

Amy is looking back at you through the screen telling you how beautiful it all is, and for the first time in your life you feel it too.

She tells you:
You are going to live, and for the rest of your life you serve others with your music talking of freedom and expression.

Healing others through the power of music and your own story, no matter what you think your life is an inspiration to others, for the first time in your life, tell the truth and tell the world.

You write an autobiography that reaches millions of people raising their awareness and lifting the consciousness of the planet.

You call it ‘The unshackled Artist how to Break Free and Live in Unconditional Love and Harmony’.

People all around the world flock to your therapeutic musical retreats but this time they come not for the music but for the healing love that you exude and the example of transformation you are.

You watch your children grow up and your partner grow old feeling nothing other than gratitude and love for every single ounce, every single moment and every single millisecond of your life.

It is all worth it and it all makes perfect sense.

End of Job description.

At this stage your guides take you into the boardroom you sit down and face them and they say ‘well? What do you think? You meet the criteria for this job do you want it?’.
And you say,

‘ Yes’.