Parents: You chose them they chose you, everybody made the choice to be a part of the soul group and the soul group dynamic.


You chose them they chose you, everybody made the choice to be a part of the soul group and the soul group dynamic.

Look now at your parents as if they were your child.
Because spiritually speaking they are. 
You chose them for their best and highest good, for their development.

You chose them to teach them, to progress them, to challenge them, advance them, to make them see where they are drifting, falling and failing and, where they are true, just, pure, present and loving.

You chose them and continue to, to further expose and elevate the cracks in their existence so that they can repair it, so that they can heal.

Look at their upbringing, look at what they faced and the adversity that they had to navigate through, look where and what they came from.

Now look at that narrative with the eyes of a parent looking at their child.

What do you feel towards them?
What do you feel for them?
What do you think about where they are now?
How their lives have panned out?
What do you feel?


I know I do - deeply.

Your parents chose the circumstance that they came into knowing that you would be put here on the planet.

They chose to face a regressive state of a human being so that you, the upgraded advancement, had what you needed to be here now in the great shift.

All you have to do is look at the history of time and the human development of our planet alongside it, to know that they chose to come into a less conscious, more dense unaware and non-awakened existence than you.


They did it for you. 
They did it for our children.
They came for all those that are to come.

Your parents love you that much that they chose to incarnate with you and love you inadequately.

So that you could find your own source of power and self love.

In giving you none of the things that you felt you needed - they really gave you everything that is perfect for your soul development.

The gaps in their ability to love and parent you in the way that you feel you need is one of the highest forms of love.

They have given you the space to fill the gaps within you.
To love and parent yourself.

Your parents, whoever they are or were, whatever they are or were like, birthed a new age, and that age is YOU.

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