Past life Client Story

Soul Star Session - Past Life:

I have read for three people separately that all know each other now and they all share a part in this soul history:

Poland 1938 beginning in Warsaw then fleeing to Romania.

Many women were impregnated by soldiers during the war, some not believing in war and falling in love others being attacked and forced into this situation.

These women banded together inhabiting a war torn abandoned Church and gave these women that had been ostracized by their communities a place to birth their children.

More often than not the women died during child birth or shortly after.

And so it became an orphanage.

All three of these women are now teachers of very special children, and that is what they did back then.

They taught these children that they mattered that their lives were worth something despite being attacked for it and understood what the majority couldn't.
The children as they got older would leave the Orphanage and have stones thrown at them for being the wrong ethnicity.

Angry locals would frequently attack and damage the Orphanage.

But these women stood strong and carried on risking their lives for what they knew was right.

Eventually they moved out of the city into harmony alone in the countryside where the children became wandering Polish Gypsies.