Soul Star Session Past Life Client Story

Soul Star Session Past Life:

March 1965 Georgia - USA

He came to see me as a close friend of his had had a session with me and found it beneficial.

The particular lyrics that were conveyed to me from his soul records were:

'I go to the movie and I go down town
Somebody keep telling me don't hang around'

This is where we were (at the movies) and what we saw. 
The racism and segregation at the time and the injustice of being black in America. 
He suffered great violence and was only a young man at the time. 
Beaten in the streets for campaigning for equal rights until he lost his life in this fight.

Our session reveled his struggles to feel he fits in and find his place in life always feeling like an outsider.

He has often isolated himself and was experiencing unexplained fearfulness in living daily and a deep lack of trust in authority particularly when he was younger.

Still a young man and yet such an old soul. 
Today he works as an advocate for equal rights for Maori and will be expanding into youth work.

I told him that he needed to get back into his music: Guitar and soulful blues to channel that soul history of pain.

Transmute your pain into art.

This was the particular video content and song combination that I was shown so I just had to find it afterwards (although it was playing at 3 times the speed flashing before my eyes):