The crucial link between manifesting abundance in all areas of your life today and deep Soul Healing.


Abundance is directly related to worthiness - your self worth, how worthy and deserving you feel to the core of your being.

Patterns that I see in those that come to see us are as follows:

- I was a millionaire and then I lost it all.

- I made my millions again and then I ended up bankrupt again.

- I always have money but I never have money, it just slips through my fingers, it always turns up though but I never have any real savings.

- I save but I can’t keep hold of it, it always goes out on things like the car breaks down, I loose my job, I get injured and need to use it to support myself, the roof needs fixing.

- I never have any money, I can barely pay my rent, I am living week to week.

- I can’t afford anything beyond the basics.

- I am always paying off my debt, that is where all my money goes.

- I have a well paid job I earn great money, but I always invest it in people. In my relationships and they run me dry they take me to the cleaners.

- I have plenty of money but no one to share it with

- I know I have an amazing course I know how valuable and life changing it is.
I’m charging 69 dollars per person, I am in debt, I can barely afford my living costs or to pay my staff or the rent!

- I know I have an amazing business I know this idea is great and it works people love it but I am in debt, I can barely afford my living costs or to pay my staff or the rent!

- I have no skills or qualifications to get a decent job.

- I have skills and qualifications and yet I can’t get a job.
And so on…

So what is the issue with all of these variations and what is the commonality…?


You do not truly think or believe at a subconscious level that you are worthy of abundance. 
You do not think that what you produce is really worth it because you are worthless and therefore cannot produce anything of worth to others.

And of course your conscious mind will argue this point, it will contend this, but the proof is in the pudding, the way you are living, and when we talk about abundance it is not just the money it is what it gives us, what it represents.

Feelings of: 
Having nice things 
Having quality things in your life


Where does this unworthiness stem from?
Where or when did you instill the belief that you do not deserve the above list of feelings in your life? 
And what do you do about it? 
How do you change this?

Everything is energetic.

Which in this density means that everything is emotional; it is our emotions, our feelings that govern everything into being.

In order for a thought to manifest in this density it can only occur with the congruent emotion to support it.

Which means that when you can’t hold on to the manifestation or seem to bring it into fruition or it does not lead you where you thought that it would then it is emotional trauma:

- an incident
- an accident
- a statement, 
- an experience

A moment in time that occurred that made you decide that it meant something about who and what you are and most importantly what you're worth and what you deserve.

These traumatic emotions live trapped, undetected in the multidimensional layers of us. 
You are active and alive equally present in time everywhere. Time is not linear, there is no time outside of this reality, which means all that you are, all that you are experiencing is happening always in the perpetual now affecting all of the you's in all of the now's. 
That means you too, you in this now right here right now. 
Your Soul and it's experiences are infinite, endless. 
That is in you, all of it right now.

These traumatic emotions are there, stuck on a repetitive loop. No different to the current neuro pathophysiology psychology that is out there now - namely the limbic system (associating with the amygdala).

These subconscious emotions are signally to you through your life experience, through any efforts and attempts you make to have something, anything that you want to manifest into being coming undone before your very eyes, it never seems to work out the way that you have consciously envisioned it.

Simply put: you not getting the desired result despite conscious effort.


Whenever you are wanting something and yet, cannot maintain it like weight loss for example, whenever you are unable to remain consistent with the ideal that you are striving for, right there is trapped, subconscious, emotional trauma saying ‘notice me I want to be found, identified and transmuted!’, so that you can heal and move forward in your life, so that you don’t have to keep coming back here to square one for this lesson.

And make no mistake about it you WILL keep coming right back to that squared space until you take heed of the feedback that is being presented to you.

Your life, your reality is the screen of your subconscious mind playing out in front of you what is deep inside of it.
It's all there on display for you to see and bare witness too.

If you have a conscious thought and are wanting to manifest this into reality how can you if you have a counter-intuitive hidden thought/s cancelling it out?

The answer is you can't, but you can heal it and then bring your thoughts into perfect aligned manifestation in a state of non dualism.

I am like a bloodhound in my soul healing's.
A trauma seeking missile.
I expose what it hidden and I see it with perfect clarity, objectivity and empathy. 
I hunt down with precise accuracy what is trapped, where and why and I remove it. 
I make peace with it.
Like attracts like and once whatever the emotional trauma is, is removed from your energy field there is no longer a vibratory magnetic charge there to attract more of the same.
Think of it like this: 
You have a frequency that matches a famous musician he is there creating his music, he releases his music, it goes to no 1 in the charts, he acquires fans millions of them, he has sell out concerts around the world, he gets invited to appear on prime time TV shows, hell he even gets a star with his name on it in the sidewalk, and a meme, he gets more and more extensions, more evolution and growth of what his music attracts to him.
He goes from being a one man band to having a full blown fucking orchestra, playing that same old tune the whole time into crescendo and encore. 
Remember this: he is but just one of your frequencies.
Now lets remove him from your energy field. And so what occurs? 
What transpires? 
Without him there is nothing that can occur of the like. 
Now imagine he is addiction, anxiety, depression, poverty, manipulation, victimization, self hate, betrayal, dis-trust, envy, worthlessness etc…

In my Soul healing's your soul offers this up to me as an open book for you. 
Your soul knows all, it holds all the questions, answers and keys to transmutation for your best and highest good.
I work with it, it opens to me to bring you into alignment and harmony with your true state of being, one of worthiness, love, acceptance and an abundance of all of those things.

You can manifest literally anything you want in life - this is true.
However, if you do not identify the underlying core lessons that you are here to learn from and heal, it will always inevitably go the way your life always does.

You are always being led to wake up and notice, to be taught where you need to heal and grow, where you need to right a wrong energetically, where you need to balance karma, where you need to create ease amongst the dis-ease.

You are always being led to come back to your light, to the knowing and radical acceptance that:
- You are worthy 
- You are sacred
- You are divine 
- And the truth that: nothing that has happened to you could ever tarnish your soul.
- That you are deserving
- That you are loved
- That you are accepted 
- That you belong
- That you have the right to be yourself whatever the hell that is
- That you are unique and special, there is literally no one else here like you, not one exact copy of you!
- Do you know how special that is? 
- How special that makes you? 
- How rare and precious you are? 
- Do you understand the gravity of that realization? 
- Let that sink in for a fucking minute.
- That you have deep meaning and purpose 
- That you are God’s highest form of creation
- And that you are not some random accident
- That great planning, thought and effort went into you being just the way you are even down to the timing of your birth. It is actually true that the stars really did have to align specifically for you to be created exactly as you are here today.
- That you have so much to offer in your uniqueness.
- That you are 100% fundamentally worthy just by being born.

How on this Earth could you ever think that you are not worthy of all that creation has to offer?

Heal the emotional trauma at a soul level and emancipate the self.

You are worth it and you deserve it.

To heal is a fundamental birthright of a human, we were not put here to carry the burdens of millennia, to be some kind of subconsciously obscured martyr.

We have chosen to come here to transmute, mold and transform creation.

To experience, overcome, learn and play - yes, that's also right, life is meant to be enjoyable, fun!

You can manifest your dreams! 
And keep them!
You can learn and overcome!

But first, you must heal your life.

Love from me and your guides.