The dreamscape and it's teachings

Last night as I drifted off into sleep I was met by one of my guides, he caught me in the gap between consciousness and unconsciousness.
Extending his hand to me I reached out and took hold of it before I sank like an anchor into the deep blue depths of slumber.

We traveled through time and space as we often do hovering above the planet.

Such a humbling and beautiful sight.

This time he took me to Mother Africa (Alkebulan - Mother of Mankind).

As I drew my first breaths of the climate the heat hit me like a wall.
Every breath I took I felt like it was drying me up from the inside out. (I struggle in the hot hot climates having grown up in a cold one!).

We zoomed in on the scene, a bird's eye eagles view.

I could see a chase between a Lion and a Gazelle underway, a familiar sight to all.

As we watched the hunt I was focusing and concentrating so much trying to capture every detail of what was happening.

I could feel each animals plight for survival and the drive to live.

The Lion singled out one of the weaker members of the herd, a baby, only a few months old and went in for the kill.

In this particular instance the Lion was not successful. 
The baby managed to escape by fate, with some luck, granted by the terrain, that did not work in the Lions favor that day.

Once the baby Gazelle was reunited with the herd it was quickly ushered back into the center of the running huddle looking much like a panicked rugby scrum.

I looked at my guide questioning why had he brought me here and shown this to me?

He said “what is the difference between the Lion and the Gazelle?”, “they both run, but what makes them different?”...

We sat together for a while on the peak of a mountain top as I pondered this…trying to gain perspective from this great height.

In fact we stayed there for a number of hours…

After having many thoughts surface and many being rejected by my guide, all I could think of, was that one was a predator and the other prey…
His patience amazed me as it always does, a great teacher lets you find the answers in your own sweet time.

I offered this explanation up to him and he said “close” with a wise playful look in his deep dark brown eyes. 
They looked like bottomless pools of thick liquid oil, shiny, endless and fluid, filled with the whole color spectrum.

He told me that it was now time for us to leave and that I must return as Jacob was stirring and needed me...As I came back to my body I could hear Jacob saying ‘Mama! Mama! Milk milk...I got wees”, I sprung into action feeding him, changing his nappy and under-sheet for a clean dry one and he drifted back off to sleep I was feeling relived to be out of that African heat.

As I went back to sleep myself I thought, what am I missing? What is the difference between them?….I’m close…but what aren't I seeing?

As I fell back to sleep the Lion came to me, we locked eyes his like targets fixed on the prize.
I studied his face still searching for the answer he roared a ferocious roar and then faded into the darkness.

Next the Gazelle came to me fragile, beautiful twitchy and flighty.
I looked deeply into her soft young innocent eyes hoping that it would give me a sign....

Nothing new came to me.

I woke this morning still pondering the difference and then mid hoovering the house it came to me!

They both run but their motivation for running is different.

The Lion runs towards something.

The Gazelle runs away from something.

The Lion gets up and chases life.

The Gazelle only puts the effort into run when being chased, when being made to, when being pressured to.

I got it! 
I got the lesson being shown to me!

Do you want to be the Lion that gets up on the daily working towards it, or the Gazelle that does nothing unless cornered to?

How many of us do nothing unless being motivated to by someone or something else only to then slip back into an inert state once the pressure is off?

Who are you being when no one is looking?

I make my life happen.

I can give soul's all the guidance they need to make it happen but they must take action on that.

It is a feeling that comes from within me.
Nowhere else, no one else nothing else. 
Only me.
I am beyond an external motivating factor.
I am motivated.
I am motivation.
No matter what - I do the work.

I am surrendered.

I am a Lion.