Today is my 35th birthday! (Written on the 24.04.20)


Today is my 35th birthday!

This time last year I had lost nearly all of my vision and in a few hours from now I would break not one but two bones in my leg, landing me in the emergency room (where I worked at the time)....little did I know that that would be the last time I ever went back there.

I remember feeling so fed up and crying in ER when the X-Ray revealed that I had in-fact broken bones.

I later hobbled as best as I could on crutches with a luminous pink cast on to the beach here.

It had been a tough time my best friend had died of cancer, there had been major fractures with family, we had become cut off from most family and become temporarily homeless, jumping from air bnb to air bnb with a 2 year old and getting further and further into debt, and now this!

I sat on a bench and said "ok whatever it is you want me to do I surrender I'll do it..."

Divinity had me where I needed to be...I had been stripped of any kind of support, my best friend gone and no family support, and my health was declining.

All I had was what we all only ever have the one consistent, non conditional infinite love of source.

That night a messenger visited me and told me that I was ready and that the next day I would get up and read the souls of those that I had promised to guide, teach and heal.

They showed me visions parts which were beyond my comprehension at the time and took me into the worlds within the infinite worlds of the souls that I would serve.

I have already met you all on a deep soul level, we know each other intimately and in our sessions you remember this.

They have given me a new way of seeing, a new way of looking, a new way of listening, a new way of hearing, a new way of feeling, a new way of understanding and experiencing us.

They gave me a compassionate sight, a non judgmental sight, a loving sight.

I can only see you in the true light of your greatness and your safe passage through its darkness.

They gave me the ability to share with you the one great truth of creation and your divine right and path within it.

They gave me the ability for you to be able to see you through our eyes as you truly are on a soul level, and they gave me the ability to unite, alight and and align you with your calling.

It has been an incredible year of work I have learnt so much. 
I can't thank you all enough for contracting to me to be your guide, teacher and healer.

Without you there is no need for me.

You have no idea how much you have all enriched my life.

Thank you, thank you so much for allowing me to travel into the depths of your soul. 
It is the most phenomenal space to work from.
( I knew I was never suited to a static desk job lol).

What a Happy, Happy Birthday it is this year!

When I blow out my candles today my wishes will be for you!