About Amy Balmer


Twenty months ago I was standing in my living room, my 4 month old son crawling around on the floor and my Husband cooking in the kitchen, just another ordinary day. 

That was the moment, I was struck by white light! It filled the room as I dropped to my knees experiencing divine download after divine download.

Afterwards, I had access to wisdom and skills that I had never even heard of or knew of before, it was such an intense instant lights on moment.

I remember opening my eyes and standing back up realising that I was weeping tears of utter joy and feeling a love like no other engulf and touch me so deeply.
I looked around and my sight had changed forever. I saw the colourful auric field around all things and flashes and strings of light in the air it was so full of so much that we normally cannot perceive. There is no empty space just varying frequencies of vision.

I understood sacred geometry, energy anatomy, epigenetics, biokinesis, crystals and their connection to the ascended masters, ancient scripture, the great universal laws and the great truths of creation. Things that I had never studied or had ever been aware of before. I just got it, all of it and, how to practically apply it here in the 3rd density.

During this time I would close my eyes to nap in the day and the room or my inner sight would fill with that loving white divine light, that which is source. I had many, many messengers and downloads guiding me on my path through this time.

Prior to this I had never been remotely spiritual or a seeker in any way. I didn’t believe in anything of that nature and was totally asleep. I didn’t care deeply about much and since having my Son Jacob I was very happy in my unconscious bubble. 

People often can’t believe that about me now.

It is perfect, I am still totally grounded and the most 'non-spiritual' spiritual person you will come across.

As these past months have flown by I have been holding the arrow that the divine supplies me with, and then moving to hit the next target. This has taken me on a journey of great learning and service. It has been the most magical time of my life and I am so grateful to be here in this perceived time space reality with the skills that I have been given to serve.

On the 24th of April 2019, my 34th birthday I was given a new set of skills to serve with which has led me to where we are now. 8 weeks before my birthday I had started to loose my vision that was getting increasingly worse as the weeks went by.

I had seen Doctors and specialists that couldn't explain the origin or cause of this and by the time it was my birthday I had lost over 70% of my vision! Everything was a smudge of blurs varying in shades.

I didn't realise quite how bad my lack of vision had become and my ability to judge the terrain around me. Feeling naively confident I decided to go running on the beach as a beautiful gift to myself, a great way to start my birthday!  Not too far into the run I heard a crack and snap!

I fell to the sand breaking my ankle and my foot.

I began to question why I had been stopped in this way? Why this was happening? What could this be about? Then a messenger told me that I was being upgraded and that I needed to be physically stopped in my tracks to take up this new energy and not expel it elsewhere.

It was then that I totally surrendered to the divine I said whatever it is you want me to do I'll do it, I demolished my ego and fear, let go of all intentions, I demanded nothing from divinity and gave my all to creation.

The next day I woke up and began reading souls, something that I had never experienced before.

Everything that has been created in the way of programs and services are not of my doing. I am responding to the call and guided to create what your soul calls for. I can't sell anything that is there I can only be shown in the records where people are placed on their own journey to enlightenment and surrender.

I take no credit for anything that I appear to be doing the only thing that I did was surrender and be brave enough (if you will) to turn up to whatever that looks like.

Each session is different and unique,  I am not able to plan a session it all happens in that moment for that individual.
I am nothing more than a grounded conduit that enables you to access whatever it is that you need to reach your highest potential in all areas of this current incarnation.

I am ever grateful to the divine and to all of you my beautiful clients and souls.
You have no idea how much you enrich my life.

With the deepest love and gratitude,