8 week Pure Akashic Record Reading Course

Amy is no longer taking on new clients for these sessions/teachings (sold out) 

This course is highly adaptable and fluid in its form of teaching; we all learn in unique ways and at our own pace - this is NOT a one size fits all course.

Therefore this is a 1:1 face to face session based structure (via Zoom/Skype).

Session lengths vary from 1.5 - 3hrs dependent of the topics covered and the individuals pace in moving through the teachings.


In less than 3 months I developed a lucrative, thriving business in serving souls all around the world by Akashic Record Reading and Healing.

  • With no marketing campaign
  • No official or paid advertising
  • No website
  • And no prior experience in reading or healing


And you have the potential to do this too using the Akashic Records!


The incorrect assumption:

YOU must possess a 'gift' to be able to be a reader/healer


There is no such thing as having a 'gift' in order to do this type of work anyone can do anything.

It is all about tuning into that particular frequency and some individuals just happen to be at that resonance already.

Who is this course for?:

- Anyone that wants to develop these other sensory skills (that we all possess) for their own health and well being, for personal guidance in their own life and/or their loved ones.

- For those that know they have this set of skills and are lacking in certainty, belief, and confidence in themselves.

- For anyone that wants to have or has a business akin to mine where they serve others through readings and associated services for life guidance.

- For healers, therapists, counselors, teachers and coaches that want to elevate their work bringing a new dimension into it.

Learn my methodology and formula for Akashic Record reading, coaching, healing and touching on course/program creation.

Copy my exact business model blueprint.

In this dual course where you learn to read, coach, heal, guide and transform people’s lives whilst launching your spiritually driven business.  


Below is the generalized course content however the order and time spent on each topic/s varies dependent on each participants individual needs.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Akashic Soul Reading: 
  • Your type of sight 
  • Intuition vs the mind
  • Trust, Truth and flow
  • Rhythm and pace
  • Your unique symbols (decryption of this)
  • Influence vs impartiality
  • The highest potential and how to get there
  • Cleansing and clearing 
  • Intention and closing
  • Navigating Live Reading: 
  • How to conduct a live reading 
  • Introduction and Instruction 
  • Session guidelines
  • Overcoming blocks and blanks
  • How to devise coaching from the reading 
  • How to develop action steps
  • Understanding the pathway to healing 
  •  Past/Parallel Lives and healing within the Akashic field:
  • Time and space layering 
  • Parallel lives
  • Detail and why it’s important 
  • Scanning the Akash
  • Soul Fragmentation 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Interdimensional reading and healing 
  • The pinnacle moment
  • The fluxing multiverse 
  • Talk back therapy
  • Mining the Akash and implantation of skills and attributes
  • Cold reading:
  • How to read for someone when they have no questions 
  • How to start
  • Where to start and why
  • Understanding the format and structure to cold reading confidently 




Purchase Course and Schedule booking:

Course Cost $6000 NZD 

To request an interview for this course please email: amy@amybalmer.com

Pure Akashic Record Reading Testimonials 

Donna Sutherlee - South Africa

I have done many courses on the Akashic Records at varying prices and lengths and I have to say that Amy’s really is a cut above the rest! All the other courses that I did taught me a lot about the Akashic Records and how to use them, but I was still not able to grasp it in the way that Amy was able to teach me to.

She broke it down in a way that was so fun, easy, simple, approachable and effective. She got me through blocks and over doubt and fear into knowing.

It has been so incredible for me to have this new type of sight, my world has become so much more colorful and vibrant. I thought that only the gifted were able to achieve this sort of thing but now I know that with the right guidance and great teacher like Amy anyone can do this.

Being able to read for myself and others has changed my life completely it is such a wonderful resource to have access to! Anyone and everyone will benefit from this. Not only have I learned how to read, I have also learned how to deeply heal others and myself.

She also taught me how to have a profitable business from this too without needing to spend anything at all on advertising and marketing. I am a Therapist and have been for many, many years and this new skill has integrated so well into my practice.

I am now teaching some of my colleagues how to use the Akashic Records too as they have noticed the difference in my work and my patients results. If you are thinking about doing an Akashic Record Course this is the one!

Amy is such an interesting person and amazing teacher! I can’t thank her enough for everything that she has brought into my life and for those that I will go onto impact.

Thank you Amy!

From the bottom of my heart!


Sarah - Jane Ross - Canada

I have always been quite a shy person and keep myself to myself....I knew I was a bit different ever since I was little...I met Amy through having a Soul Star Session a friend that had been in one of her courses said I should give it a try….at the time I was feeling so down and out and isolated but for some reason I made the effort to see her.

It amazed me how accurate she was it was like she was reading my deepest most private thoughts the things I struggle to talk about…. there were a lot of tears but it was a huge relief....I felt so understood, seen and known by her and her abilities to see me on a soul level.

The Session revealed that I needed to be using the spiritual gifts that I have always known were there ...I had actually become quite ill in denying who and what I really was.

I had been stuck....frozen by my fear....

The way I connected with Amy made me feel safe and I just knew that I needed to take the course.
I am so amazed by how much it has changed my life in 4 weeks....I have been doing Akashic readings and healing's for me, my friends and family and for the first time in my life I feel like myself...

it has really been such a gift to finally express what has been inside of me all this time..she told me that being myself would get me well and it has my anxiety and depression has lifted and I feel so much more confident and happy these days...I couldn’t of done it without Amy and for that I am forever grateful…

and I can’t believe I am saying this but I am starting to read for strangers too...on live video...something before that I would not of done…

This course has totally changed my life I am more connected to myself and source...

I feel like I have come home to my soul self and that is priceless...