The Amy Blamer Institute of Energy Healing Become a Certified ABIE™ Healing Practitioner!




The Amy Blamer Institute of Energy™ Healing

Become a Certified ABIE™  Healing Practitioner!


Heal yourself and Enable others to Heal with the ABIE™  method.

A powerful multi-dimensional life changing  healing modality.

Access and connect to the infinite healing wisdom of the Universal Healing Council of Light, joining the ever growing team of Human Ambassadors here on the Earth plane through this divine powerful channel of interdimensional higher healing consciousness. 

Learn to engage in and use all of your psychic senses (that we all innately possess) in the quantum healing space enabling healing on a level that bends the very fabric of being, space and time. 

The ABIE™  practitioners program classes are taught individually on a one on one basis. 

Participants will also join a lifelong group of other students and certified practitioners for development, support, learning and sharing with Amy's ongoing live support where you can exchange healings with other training practitioners.

You will also gain access to one on one messenger/voice messenger support from Amy and added to The ABIE™  Healers Info Hub (YouTube channel) which is updated regularly by Amy following teachings and any student queries, inclusive of channeled upgrades and further activations.

There is no definitive or 'set' end date to the program for each participant, as each one of you that comes to walk this path are unique and special learning at different paces and in varying ways.

Therefore, Amy will teach you and support you (one on one and through the group platforms) until you are deemed fully competent in the modality upon which full certification will be awarded. This can range from 3 - 4  months of teaching to beyond 6 months with weekly sessions that last for 1.5 - 3hrs depending on what is being taught or covered at that time and what extra support or special attention you require honoring your own sacred pace of development.


Choose from course options:


Prerequisite - Selected participants must of received 1 ABIE™ healing session prior to the commencement of the course.


Option 1: $10,350 NZD full course inclusive of one healing session with Amy prior to the commencement of the course teachings.

Option 2: $10,700 NZD  full course inclusive of two healing sessions with Amy one healing session prior to the commencement of the  course teachings.

Option 3: $11,050 NZD  full course inclusive of three healing sessions with Amy one healing session prior to the commencement of the course teachings.


Payment plan options:


Payplan A - Pay in full 1 week prior to the commencement of the course. 


Payplan B - Pay a minimum deposit of $2000 NZD (or above $3000 $4000 etc) and then the remainder of the balance in 8 equal weekly payments.


Payplan C - Pay half the course fee total 1 week prior to the commencement of the course and then the remaining half of the balance at 4 weeks.   


Payplan D - Open an account with us, and start paying off the course fees prior to the commencement of the course, for any length of time. ( Normally a 6 - 8 week window prior to the commencement of the course.)

Once this balance reaches an ongoing weekly equal amount that can be managed the course will begin over 8 weeks.

To Request an interview form for this program please email:


ABIE™  Healing Sessions Testimonial from a Mum and her Two year old Son with Amy.

These Healing's changed the course of her life and she is now a training practitioner in the above course.


Amanda - UK

 ABIE™  Healing Sessions 

'When Brandon almost died, I had a life-changing spiritual experience.

The only way I can really explain it to you, is to tell you what happened….

When the doctors said Brandon was critically ill and might not make it, I ran to the bathroom to break into uncontrollable sobs.

I knew I had to stop crying and get my shit together, so I forced myself to dry my face and walk back into the room.

We were allowed in the hospital room while they worked on Brandon. The room was filled with doctors, pumping his chest, discussing options. They couldn’t understand why he was deteriorating so quickly and severely.

It was 3pm.

I called the ambulance at 1am and hadn’t slept or ate in over 24 hours. I could feel my legs tingling with dehydration. I refilled my flask but couldn't stomach a cracker.

It was around this time I desperately posted on FB for prayers and help.

All that went through my mind was that if Brandon died, nothing else would matter.

The money in my bank account wouldn’t matter, what people thought of me wouldn’t matter. My life would be meaningless.

I found myself bargaining with god – that I would never complain about those things again. If I ever ended up homeless or bankrupt it wouldn’t matter so long as my son was alive. That’s when I began to reach out to people for energy healing and prayers in earnest.

At 3:30pm a specialist team arrived to stablise Brandon. They needed to do this before they could move him to Great Ormond Street. Brandon looked unrecognisable wired up and unconscious.

His oxygen levels dipped to 13 and the doctors took out the defibrillators to resuscitate him.

He fought his way back up to 45, just as he was receiving energy healing and prayers from people I reached out to, and even energy healing that were gifted and bought for Brandon (I can't thank you all enough).

I fully believe it supported his soul in fighting to breathe.

Omg, I’m crying as I write this….

Around 5pm we got in the ambulance. The medic gave me a cardboard bowl to vomit into. The nurse told me it was travel sickness mixed with shock, because when we arrived, I collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up.

I sat on the curb until I finished vomiting.

I managed a few steps to the bathroom before collapsing again, vomiting, and struggling to breath.

Then I all lost control of my body. My arms and legs were numb and I thought I was having a stroke or about to have a seizure. I could hear myself hyperventilating. A nurse crouched down next to me, handed me a paper bag and said to breath slowly.

Who knew panic attacks actually felt like dying.

I stayed on the bathroom floor breathing into a bag for a while, telling Cari, through gasping breaths, I think there’s something seriously wrong with me.

The nurse said I had to get my breathing under control or they’d have to take me to a different hospital. I immediately felt guilty for making an already bad situation worse for Cari and Brandon.

But Cari was by my side, calm, understanding, holding space for my shock.

Eventually, I hobbled to the parents room where I remained unable to move for 3 hours.

Every time I tried to stand, I collapsed. The mind is such a powerful thing to have this much influence over the body. My body had completely shut down, I couldn’t even move my lips to speak.

Laying slumped, I read and reread everyone’s messages on FB.

We weren’t allowed to stay in ICU overnight so we booked into a hotel. Cari had to almost carry me there.

Before we left the hospital, a doctor said they were preparing to put Brandon on the dialysis machine that night, as the last resort. They would call us, no matter the time.

This is when by some divine grace, I reached out to a healer I’ve never met in New Zealand to get her to use the healing I had paid for weeks prior (for myself) and use it on Brandon instead. I didn’t know if it would do anything, I just knew I had to try.

Back at the hotel, I couldn’t sleep. My body was aching and my heart was racing. I needed desperately to lay down and let my body recover, but that felt like torture while Brandon lay by himself in ICU.

The next morning, I received a message from the psychic healer in New Zealand that Brandon’s healing was complete - she saw how he was buried alive in a past life and the trauma was CAUSING this life-and-death reaction. His soul had to be freed from that life so his body in THIS life could recover. She also saw that Brandon would recover fully in 2 weeks.

I stood staring at the message in disbelief. But in that moment, I knew it was true.

When we arrive back at the hospital, a consultant told us that Brandon made a dramatic recovery overnight.

He said it was rare and unexpected… basically telling me it was a miracle. He would make it, against all odds.

I burst into tears of relief, with a deep knowing that the prayers and healing had done their part to bring Brandon’s soul back into his body.

But my body and mind didn’t recover with the good news.

I experienced fear, paranoia, heart palpitations, physical pain and obsessive thoughts. I kept replaying what happened to Brandon over and over. I kept worrying he would die in the future.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't control my thoughts or sense of doom and fear.

Unless your mind gets taken over like that, its difficult to know just how scary and all-consuming trauma is.

I thought I’d need months of therapy.

In a desperate act, I requested a soul healing from this same New Zealand psychic.

I wasn’t feeling hopeful. But when the healing started, I felt a huge shift. The mental anxiety stopped, the physical pain disappeared, and I fell asleep.

The next day I was a literal different person.

The trauma and fear were gone. I felt solid, better than I had in months, with more clarity than I’ve ever had in my life.

I KNEW the healing worked. I didn’t recover on my own. I was in the darkest place I had ever been in.

After the healing, the physical and mental pain disappeared, and I awakened with a deep understanding of our multidimensional nature. That we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are multidimensional souls (with past, parallel and galatic lives) having a human experience.

I understood so clearly that I was meant to learn soul healing so I could help others going through trauma, transition or awakening.

I have since been learning from Amy Balmer (the very same New Zealand ABIE™ healer). It's opened my psychic abilities, ability to read Akashic records, and perform multidimensional, quantum soul healing.

I am sharing here in case it can reach someone who needs it.

I have experienced first-hand how our souls can be healed in a dramatic way. This ABIE™ Soul healing wasn’t subtle, its transformed my life (and Brandon’s) and activated me.

This is the next phase for me and it’s born out of pure service.

I don’t have a strategy or a plan. I am just following the calling. I have been offering Akashic readings and soul healing sessions - and now my FB business page Amanda Blum will focus on that. I’ve shared people’s experiences there too.'