DNA FREE CODE™ 12 Month Subscription

DNA FREE CODE™  12  weekly/Month Subscription $20 per session weekly, two weekly or per monthly healing


Please state when emailing to book whether you are selecting option 1, 2 or 3:

1. weekly session option for a 12 month subscription 

2. 2 weekly session option for a 12 month subscription 

3. 1 monthly session option for a 12 month subscription 


On the 28/11/22 I was channelled a new healing modality, a fast, powerful, affordable, accessible service that heals YOU deeply on a cellular level


DNA FREE CODE™ healing is an affordable, accessible, short, powerful, deep cellular energy healing modality that works directly on your DNA - where all consciousness is stored and embodied within us.
All that we are that is known and unknown to us is stored here emanating out the frequencies of our experience of life.
Only from here this bridge can potent, powerful healing take place transmuting what no longer serves us above and below our conscious awareness whilst activating and restoring us back to our sacred divine soul code blueprint.
We are literally re-coding you to live as you were meant to FREE of unnecessary, emotional, physical and spiritual pain and suffering in all aspects of your life whether that be in love, intimacy, health, money/abundance, 'chronic' conditions, mental illness, an inability to follow your dreams and passion, enhancing your gifts skills and talents etc.
I look forward to freeing and FREE RE-CODING your DNA.
These sessions are very effective singularly, however can be used consecutively over the course of 3, 5, 7, 10, 30 days etc however long the duration needs to be for daily consistent healing that delivers lasting results in this ever changing, fluid, dynamic energy of being, living, breathing and co creating.
To book please email amy@amybalmer.com