30 Day Learn To Be A Reader Course



Amy is no longer taking on new clients for these sessions/teachings (sold out) 

30 day Learn To Be A Reader Course

(by popular demand answering the request of clients).

A number of my clients have come into my Soul Path Program to discover that their highest calling is to serve in the way that I do.

I have developed a number of readers from:

  • Psychic intuitive
  • Akashic readers
  • Mediums
  • Tarot
  • Astronomy
  • Crystal Readers
  • Body Mapping
  • Auric Readers

And a combination of more and all of the above.

The incorrect assumption:

YOU must possess a 'gift' to be able to do be a reader.


There is no such thing as having a 'gift' in order to do this type of work anyone can do anything. It is all about tuning into that particular frequency and some individuals just happen to be at that resonance already.

Who is this course for?:

- Anyone that wants to develop these other sensory skills (that we all possess) for their own health and well being, for personal guidance in their own life and/or their loved ones.

- For those that know they have this set of skills and are lacking in certainty, belief, and confidence in themselves.

- For anyone that wants to have or has a business akin to mine where they serve others through readings and associated services for life guidance.

- For Healers, therapists, counselors, and coaches that want to elevate their work bringing a new dimension into it.




WEEK 1 - 60 min:
Soul Path Session - uncover which modality suits you best and higher calling projection of your skills set. 
Action Steps (self-directed homework to develop you)

WEEK 2 - 60 min:
Activation Session - an energetic activation to ignite the source of your skills set
Healing - on the participant to clear blockages
Action Steps (self-directed homework to develop you)

WEEK 3 - 60 min:
The technique (varies for each modality including healing's for your clients, loved ones or self).
Action Steps (self-directed homework to develop you)

WEEK 4 - 60 min:
The real world - taking what you have had activated and developed through the 4 weeks out there into the real world adding to your services, creating your own services or being able to read for yourself and/or your loved ones.

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30 Day Learn To Be A Reader Course