Open Wave Healing Center - (OWH™)



Open Wave Healing Centre



What is Open Wave Healing (OWH™)?


Open Wave Healing™ is an extended healing session developed from the ABIE™ healing modality, utilising a different pathway to activate highly personalised healing applications.

Check yourself and your soul into the Open Wave Healing™ Centre where you will be immersed in a multidimensional wave of healing that specifically targets what is needed for your heart’s highest healing desires and your soul’s deepest callings.


Give yourself the gift of healing: we all deserve to heal!


How Open Wave Healing™ works:


Each soul receives the Open Wave Healing™ at a different pace and intensity. This means that you ride the wave of healing for however long it needs to be, and that you will receive it in the way that your soul needs to.  


As with the ocean, all healing waves are unique based on the currents, swells, tides and patterns of your lifetime here and now, combined with your soul’s divine blueprint . This means that you will be infused with the healing energy at an intensity and pace that is precisely aligned to you and your best and highest good. 


Your Open Wave Healing™ session may be short and sharp over a two to three day period, or span over a length of time from seven days to four weeks and potentially beyond. Each session is different and exclusively tailored to each soul based on your current needs for healing, activation, strengthening or fortification at this point in time.


As they are dynamic, Open Wave Healing™ sessions are ideal for:

*healing in all variations of intentions;

*activating, enhancing and/or strengthening your existing talents, albites and skills for optimal performance during a specific time or event in your life and soul’s path;

*navigating challenging life transitions where you may need a prolonged amount of support.


Open Wave Healing™ sessions have been created to provide customised support and healing for each soul, whether you are about to write exams, open a new business or are looking for support around your soul journey, navigating grief, loss, trauma, relationships and intimacy issues. The possibilities are endless!


An Open Wave Healing™ session activates energy enhancements for specific areas of or events in your life. It works to remove blocks, enhance, strengthen and fortify your energy. This empowers you to flourish at new levels, with a heightened resonance - and therefore magnetism - in your life and soul journey.


We welcome you into this sacred space where you will receive a bespoke infusion of energy healing to carry you forward aligned and connected with your soul’s best and highest good.


How you receive OWH™:


*Submit your healing requests/intentions. You can also request best and highest good alone and place your healing in the knowing, loving hands of the divine and Universal Healing Council of Light.


*The first step is to check in with your soul, and where I hold council with the multidimensional healing specialists teams for your unique session.


*Your healing session will then be allotted a timeframe spanning from 1 day up to any amount of time e.g. 7 days, 10 days, 30 days and beyond - whatever is required for you at the pace and intensity that is best for you. Here you are held in a healing centre with the multidimensional teams.


*You will receive the opening report which will outline what and who has turned up for the session, what is to be addressed and the length of time that it will take.


* When the healing is completed you will receive the closing report detailing what healing/activation/enhancement took place during the session.