Open Wave Healing Center - (OWH™)

Welcome to the Open wave healing center!


What is Open Wave Healing (OWH)?

Open Wave healing is an extended healing session derived from ABIE healing sessions applied in a new dynamic format that spans across all space and time dimensions each soul receives at a different pace and intensity during the healing.


 healing , activativation and or strengthening of  talents and albites and skills  during a specific time in your life and souls path.

Check yourself and your soul into the the open wave healing center where we open a multidimensional wave of healing for your hearts highest healing desires and your souls deepest callings.


How you receive OWH™:

- Please email us @ and submit your healing requests/intentions you can also add best and highest good alone and place your healing in the knowing loving hands of the divine and universal healing council of light.


- Initially upon checking in I meet /hold council with the multidimensional healing specialists teams for your unique session 


- your healing session will then be allotted a time frame spanning from 1 day up to any amount of time eg. 7 days, 10 days,  30 days and beyond whatever is required for you at the pace and intensity that is best for you.


- you will receive the opening report what and who has turned up for the session and the length of time it will commence for 


- when the healing is completed you will then receive the finishing report