The Soul Path Sessions

Soul Path Sessions

Amy is no longer taking on new clients for these sessions/teachings (sold out) 


A session like no other a unique experience and individual to each person a blend of Soul Path Reading and Coaching direct from the divine.

Clifford Tuffs - New Zealand

I have been experiencing chronic fatigue for over three years now. I have been through a personal hell. I was wondering what my life is all about, what am I doing here on earth. I feel I am here for a larger purpose than the life I was leading, then to fall ill and be chronically ill. I had many very dark thoughts about me leaving earth, I felt so lost and like an absolute loser. I was slowly, and when I could, working on an idea I had three years ago. So, I continued to work on my idea, I believe it is a big idea, and if I told anybody about it, I am sure I would get laughed at, I continued anyway. I had a reading done by Amy, I couldn't believe how accurate the information was that I was hearing! Hearing the things I am currently doing and have been doing for a little while now, just nobody knew, because I didn't tell anybody, and will be doing. I feel more at peace now. I feel I am doing with my life what I came here to do and for other people. I now feel more of a sense of purpose and excited about it.



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