Akashic Records


What are the Akashic Records?

and why would I have a reading with Amy Balmer?

The Akashic Records are the cosmic library of everything that has ever happened in this multiverse. Everything is energy, and every movement of energy since the first division from Source/Oneness is recorded in the Records. You could think of it as a next level super computer which has memory of everything; past, present and future. 

The Akashic Records hold your entire history as a Soul. Every thought, action, feeling and intent, from all lifetimes both here on Earth and in other dimensions, is stored in the Akashic Records. This includes the lessons you have learned, the relationships you have had, the contracts your Soul has made, and the unique blueprint and purpose of your individual Soul.

While you may not experience it in your day-to-day life we are all connected. As the Akashic Records are the book of everything they hold all aspects of our collective oneness, including your individual Soul information and how it links to everyone and everything. Much of what sits in our unconscious mind is shared experience, universal to all of humanity. This is why Archetypes, symbols, myths and age old stories hold so much power; they are messages from the collective we can all touch and experience, that flow through many people simultaneously in the form of dreams, inspiration and invention.

An understanding of the Akashic Records requires understanding the role of free will and time. In our day to day lives most people feel we have some degree of free will, and that time is a linear, steady progression.

In fact we each have complete free will. We often don’t experience this as we are not aware of the complex, interwoven myriad of past experiences, programs and imprints that we carry around. These things make us feel we are a certain way and like we “have to” do certain things, which creates a very limited experience of life. This energetic baggage that we carry around is mostly hidden from view and buried in our subconscious, and all we experience is a limited set of choices in a life that often feels outside our control.

Time does not exist in the linear way we experience it. It is an agreed upon construct that most of us buy into, which therefore creates it as a “reality”. In fact all things which we would call past, present and future exist simultaneously in the infinite now. This is important as the Akashic Records are not a fixed, static record in the way a physical library is. They are a dynamic, ever changing energetic record. As each of us exercise free will and make choices the Akashic Records change. What is possible for you this very moment will change when you change. As you heal your past your past literally changes, which ripples into a whole new set of possible futures. Everything is energy. Everything exists now.

The Akashic Records are generally not able to be accessed and seen by us as humans while we are here on Earth (at this point in our collective evolution). One of the reasons for this is we come to this life with a set of intentions; we want to learn certain things, enjoy certain experiences and fulfil certain purposes. It is a learning, growing experience. We are therefor born with a level of amnesia whereby we forget most of our Soul’s past, remembering only small fragments (which often come to us spontaneously at different times of our lives) that we need. These fragments of insight come only at the moments we need them.

I am often asked “why” we can’t automatically remember all of our past life information on our own. The answer is simply that knowing it all would take you out of the game, and you’re here to fully engage the game. It’s like when you play a sporting game. While you are playing that game all else goes out of your mind, as it has to in order for you to focus and play fully. You are not thinking about a party next month, or what your mum said to you last year or what you’ll make for dinner. You need to have all of this out of your mind so that your focus is entirely on the game at hand, so you can give it your all. And so it is with life as a whole. Only the information you need at this particular point will ever be made available to you.

Some people are given the ability to read The Akashic Records, for the purpose of acting as a guide to others on their Soul/human journey. When I access the records I am shown only information about the person who has come for a reading, and only that information which is for their highest good at the time of the reading. It is a sacred conversation guided by higher energies and I always hold this gift in the highest, most sacred regard. It is important to know that it’s not like browsing Walmart. You can’t just tour around seeing whatever you fancy. Accessing the Akashic Records is a sacred covenant whereby you are shown that which you are ready to see and that which enables you to move forward with your highest Soul expression.

When I access your Akashic Records I act as a Soul interpreter, I step into your world. I am shown animated clips, symbolic imagery and words that I then translate in a way that you can understand and absorb in the form or your reading. In short I narrate or decode your Soul’s Akashic Records content into a language that resonates with you.

The Akashic Records show us our Soul’s highest possible potential from our current point of attraction, and the unique path for this lifetime that is an expression of that potential. Seeing our Soul’s potential and path is one of the biggest reasons people come for a reading with me. When we live in alignment with our Soul purpose we feel a magical freedom and joyful fulfilment in our everyday life which is simply not accessible when we are living a life different to what our Soul had in mind for us.

Of course we all have complete free will and can live and choose whatever we want. The Akashic Records are an ever changing fluid array of possible futures. What is called from possibility into reality is determined by your free will, the choices you make. It gives me such profound joy to work with those who feel called to live their Soul’s highest expression. I love helping people see what their Soul came into this life to do and what action they need to take to walk fully along that sacred and blissful path. It is truly a privilege to be called to work with people in this way.

You have an extraordinary and unique mission. It is an important mission you have been working towards for many lifetimes. Your path comes with its own individual and unique learnings, challenges and obstacles. Many people come to me aware of their obstacles and not yet quite believing they have a higher calling and contribution to make. You are in exactly the right place for you right now. As we work together you will come to see that all of this, everything you have been through and how you came to be here, right now, reading this, is divinely orchestrated for your highest good.

The types of questions and issues people bring to me include:

  • what is my soul’s purpose?
  • what kind of work should I be doing in the world as an expression of this purpose?
  • why am I completely trapped in certain relationships and how can I get free?
  • why can’t I seem to get things together financially?
  • why do I keep having these same issues (health, career, creativity etc)?
  • why can’t I shake these limiting beliefs and thoughts and self sabotages?
  • why do I keep reacting in the same way and why do I feel so stuck?
  • who is my soul mate and when can I meet him/her?
  • why am I in this dysfunctional family?
  • how can I live my soul purpose in the real world?

Through accessing your Soul’s Akashic Records we are able to find the answers you have been looking for and what to do next. We can stop guessing and see what happened in past lives, why relationship patterns keep repeating, why certain people are in your life, why you feel like a hamster stuck on a wheel. We can see why you’ve had those addictions, thoughts, beliefs and limitations and what you have learned from them.

We can see the big picture and how things fit together, why you had to travel through so much hell and what it has taught you. We can see the unique set of gifts, abilities and potentials you have and how your Soul intends these to come together into a symphony of joyful, empowered, loving, fulfilled, purposeful easy living. We can see who is coming into your life to support you, and how.

We do so much more than just see what is in your Akashic Records - we reconnect you to your Soul, the highest part of you, and bring that connection, guidance and power into your day-to-day, living, breathing reality as a whole person. Welcome to YOU. All of you. The You that you sensed as a child, and then lost under layers of this human existence. Your purpose here is ultimately to experience who you really are, who you have been growing into for countless lifetimes.

Your gift here is to be and live in joyful freedom, of a type most people would dismiss as impossible. I’m here to tell you it is not only possible, it’s your birthright. It’s what you’ve been working towards through the endless struggles. The healing energy inherent in the Akashic Records reconnects us to who we truly are, divine expressions of one magnificent, boundless, unconditionally loving whole. When we connect back into Source we find the freedom to choose flow, grace and oneness in all things.

This is You, your highest truth, who you really are.  Are you ready?