Soul Star Sessions


Soul Star Session

Amy is no longer taking on new clients for these sessions/teachings (sold out) 

The Soul Star Session is the most popular of all the sessions I offer!

Welcome to a walk into the Cosmic multiverse!

Come to know and understand yourself deeply and expansively in this current incarnation.

This is an extremely deep and full bodied session that covers many aspects of the complex, expansive, eternal, multidimensional, amazing being that you are!

Clients are introduced to and set up with a communication line to their guides, guardians and star family.

Specific messages are channeled from the non physical supportive souls that are assigned to you during this incarnation.


Typically Covered:  origin of soul and soul groups, Sacred Contracts, Karmic bonds, Implant placements, Mission purpose, Past lives (parallels lives), Current point of attraction. highest potential and more.



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Session cost/Gift Cards: 

30 min $190NZD

60 min $370 NZD