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ABIE™ Emergency Healing Session/s Testimonial from Amanda and her Two year old son this Healing experience changed the course of her life and she is now a training practitioner in ABIE™ Healing.

 Amanda - UK -  ABIE™Training Practitioner 

 'When Brandon almost died, I had a life-changing spiritual experience.

The only way I can really explain it to you, is to tell you what happened….
When the doctors said Brandon was critically ill and might not make it, I ran to the bathroom to break into uncontrollable sobs.
I knew I had to stop crying and get my shit together, so I forced myself to dry my face and walk back into the room.
We were allowed in the hospital room while they worked on Brandon. The room was filled with doctors, pumping his chest, discussing options. They couldn’t understand why he was deteriorating so quickly and severely.
It was 3pm.
I called the ambulance at 1am and hadn’t slept or ate in over 24 hours. I could feel my legs tingling with dehydration. I refilled my flask but couldn't stomach a cracker.
It was around this time I desperately posted on FB for prayers and help.
All that went through my mind was that if Brandon died, nothing else would matter.
The money in my bank account wouldn’t matter, what people thought of me wouldn’t matter. My life would be meaningless.
I found myself bargaining with god – that I would never complain about those things again. If I ever ended up homeless or bankrupt it wouldn’t matter so long as my son was alive. That’s when I began to reach out to people for energy healing and prayers in earnest.
At 3:30pm a specialist team arrived to stablise Brandon. They needed to do this before they could move him to Great Ormond Street. Brandon looked unrecognisable wired up and unconscious.
His oxygen levels dipped to 13 and the doctors took out the defibrillators to resuscitate him.
He fought his way back up to 45, just as he was receiving energy healing and prayers from people I reached out to, and even energy healing that were gifted and bought for Brandon (I can't thank you all enough).
I fully believe it supported his soul in fighting to breathe.
Omg, I’m crying as I write this….
Around 5pm we got in the ambulance. The medic gave me a cardboard bowl to vomit into. The nurse told me it was travel sickness mixed with shock, because when we arrived, I collapsed on the floor and couldn’t get up.
I sat on the curb until I finished vomiting.
I managed a few steps to the bathroom before collapsing again, vomiting, and struggling to breath.
Then I all lost control of my body. My arms and legs were numb and I thought I was having a stroke or about to have a seizure. I could hear myself hyperventilating. A nurse crouched down next to me, handed me a paper bag and said to breath slowly.
Who knew panic attacks actually felt like dying.
I stayed on the bathroom floor breathing into a bag for a while, telling Cari, through gasping breaths, I think there’s something seriously wrong with me.
The nurse said I had to get my breathing under control or they’d have to take me to a different hospital. I immediately felt guilty for making an already bad situation worse for Cari and Brandon.
But Cari was by my side, calm, understanding, holding space for my shock.
Eventually, I hobbled to the parents room where I remained unable to move for 3 hours.
Every time I tried to stand, I collapsed. The mind is such a powerful thing to have this much influence over the body. My body had completely shut down, I couldn’t even move my lips to speak.
Laying slumped, I read and reread everyone’s messages on FB.
We weren’t allowed to stay in ICU overnight so we booked into a hotel. Cari had to almost carry me there.
Before we left the hospital, a doctor said they were preparing to put Brandon on the dialysis machine that night, as the last resort. They would call us, no matter the time.
This is when by some divine grace, I reached out to a healer I’ve never met in New Zealand to get her to use the healing I had paid for weeks prior (for myself) and use it on Brandon instead. I didn’t know if it would do anything, I just knew I had to try.
Back at the hotel, I couldn’t sleep. My body was aching and my heart was racing. I needed desperately to lay down and let my body recover, but that felt like torture while Brandon lay by himself in ICU.
The next morning, I received a message from the psychic healer in New Zealand that Brandon’s healing was complete - she saw how he was buried alive in a past life and the trauma was CAUSING this life-and-death reaction. His soul had to be freed from that life so his body in THIS life could recover. She also saw that Brandon would recover fully in 2 weeks.
I stood staring at the message in disbelief. But in that moment, I knew it was true.
When we arrive back at the hospital, a consultant told us that Brandon made a dramatic recovery overnight.
He said it was rare and unexpected… basically telling me it was a miracle. He would make it, against all odds.
I burst into tears of relief, with a deep knowing that the prayers and healing had done their part to bring Brandon’s soul back into his body.
But my body and mind didn’t recover with the good news.
I experienced fear, paranoia, heart palpitations, physical pain and obsessive thoughts. I kept replaying what happened to Brandon over and over. I kept worrying he would die in the future.
For the first time in my life, I couldn't control my thoughts or sense of doom and fear.
Unless your mind gets taken over like that, its difficult to know just how scary and all-consuming trauma is.
I thought I’d need months of therapy.
In a desperate act, I requested a soul healing from this same New Zealand psychic.
I wasn’t feeling hopeful. But when the healing started, I felt a huge shift. The mental anxiety stopped, the physical pain disappeared, and I fell asleep.
The next day I was a literal different person.
The trauma and fear were gone. I felt solid, better than I had in months, with more clarity than I’ve ever had in my life.
I KNEW the healing worked. I didn’t recover on my own. I was in the darkest place I had ever been in.
After the healing, the physical and mental pain disappeared, and I awakened with a deep understanding of our multidimensional nature. That we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are multidimensional souls (with past, parallel and galatic lives) having a human experience.
I understood so clearly that I was meant to learn soul healing so I could help others going through trauma, transition or awakening.
I have since been learning from Amy Balmer (the very same New Zealand ABIE™ soul healer). It's opened my psychic abilities, ability to read Akashic records, and perform multidimensional, quantum soul healing.
I am sharing here in case it can reach someone who needs it.
I have experienced first-hand how our souls can be healed in a dramatic way. This ABIE™  healing wasn’t subtle, its transformed my life (and Brandon’s) and activated me.
This is the next phase for me and it’s born out of pure service.
I don’t have a strategy or a plan. I am just following the calling. I have been offering Akashic readings and soul healing sessions - and now my FB business page Amanda Blum will focus on that. I’ve shared people’s experiences there too.'
Priyanka (India)  -  ABIE™Training Practitioner 
ABIE™ Healing Session 
I had been on a quest to find a missing piece of my core. It impacted me severely for almost 3 decades making me feel hollow and vulnerable. While feeling lost and battling depression + anxiety attacks all these years, I stumbled upon Amy's website. At this point I was aiming to solve all problems myself rather than allow anyone else to do it for me.
So I preferred to learn something which led to an inquiry further a direct conversation with Amy. And these were the first set of golden words that appealed to me during that conversation - "You have beautiful energy". It was essential for me to hear them because for past couple of years, few close friends constantly said how bad my energies were and it took an enormous toll on me.
Next, what my caught my attention was - "You need healing. I can do it for you if you would like to." Being an over thinker, it took me a while to sign up. Happy to say this has been the best decision made during troubled times.
Then Amy performed  an ABIE™ Healing for me by clearing unbelievably long term ancestral lineage woes and helped find the missing piece of my core. Honestly, during live healing catch-up, it was hard to believe every detail she shared since I was new to this modality however when the integration happened, I was in sheer disbelief but in a positive way.
I was like - "Whatttttttt! So the quest was real! ". Additionally, numerous visions validated other aspects from the live healing.
As an immediate effect, the lost, insecure and anxious person had transformed into a confident individual. Now, I'm clear about my path and focused on authentically living my life with the purpose that surfaced through this healing session.
Amy is, undoubtedly, the most powerful healer I have come across.
I'm forever grateful to her. Couldn't be happier for crossing paths with you in this lifetime. Thank you very much, Amy.
Jono - NZ
ABIE™ Healing Session
The beautiful healing, energy and wisdom that Amy has provided me with this past week has helped to completely shift my life. Truthfully, I feel limited in my words when it comes to articulating this experience. Amy is incredibly gifted — we are very blessed to have her Soul here on Earth at this time. Personally, I was depressed, anxious, stuck, lost and deeply traumatised. Within less than a day, there were so many beautiful changes happening. While I am still integrating, I wish to express nothing but love and a deep gratitude for the healing and connection. I highly recommend Amy and her services. 
Michelle Funke - Ireland -  ABIE™Training Practitioner 
My healing session with Amy honestly changed my life. It was super detailed and she cut through all the bits to really get to the heart of things. Amy is so insightful and able to express and explain everything so beautifully. After the session I felt uplifted and happy for the first time in years, I felt free and have been able to reconnect to the things that make my heart happy. My whole perspective of myself and my life has changed profoundly- for the better. I feel like my whole self is now aligned -  the things I knew in my head are now also resonating with my heart and soul and vice versa  I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me move through my grief and anger and get to a place of peace and happiness. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!


Lizz - NZ

ABIE™ Healing Session

I have had both Soul readings and ABIE™ healing sessions with Amy and she is nothing short of phenomenal! There are no (earthly) words for what her soul work has done for my life.

She have me light in my darkness. Hope when I was feeling hopeless and direction when I was completely aimless. I’m so glad I opened my heart to her craft. The differences after having a Soul Healing session with her did not go unnoticed by family and friends. I’m finally coming into my true self and all thanks to her and her gifts! She is so genuine, articulate and graceful in her delivery of what is undoubtedly divine messaging. Her precision, accuracy and knowing makes clear that there is no doubt divinity/light/source works through her.

 There is still a long way for me to go and a lot of work to be done but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. She was able to bring me out of my shell (quite literally) and I am truly the happiest I have been, since I can remember! Everyone reaps the rewards from doing the soul work/ healings, I can't recommend Amy to all those lucky enough to be blessed with her talents enough!

Alyssa Drake - NZ

ABIE™ Healing Session

'It’s hard to put into words the light that flows through Amy, and the incredible healing and wisdom she naturally exudes.

I received a healing from Amy that was beyond any healing I’ve had from her to date, it was around 2.5 hours in length but time itself disappears completely once you begin.

I was visually met by a spirit guide during this session with all the vision and detail I’ve never experienced before, as we sat on the steps of a temple I felt such clarity in what he was describing to me, it was a deeper unfolding opening up to me as I am ready to surrender even more into my authentic soul journey.
I felt the energy flow and the whispers from she.
I came face to face with fears that have been keeping my light from shining bright and confronting fear that has kept me in the shadows for far to long.

When the session was over, I found it hard to describe just how nourishing it was for my soul, the detail in which I seen my guide and the deep conversations we had, I was overwhelmed as I couldn’t quiet believe what I had just experienced but felt it resonate deeply within.

That night I had intense vivid dreams and in the mourning I was confronted by deep seeded old belief systems that had risen to the surface ready to be healed, there was no escaping them and I knew in that moment what I needed to do.

I’ve spent a lifetime running away from myself, denying the very essence of who I am, dimming my light in order to fit in and suppressing deep down what I know intuitively to be true.

Fear has been an unkind companion on my journey for far to long, but it has also taught me much about myself that I now have the strength to not mistake it as my own, and step forward into light.

The healing session has allowed the deeper unfolding of my journey and presented itself at the perfect time in order to step forward out of fear and into that light.

From my soul to yours, thank you for the gift of being your authentic self. X'


Ellie - Canada 

ABIE™ Healing Session


Amy has changed my life immeasurably. I cannot believe the changes that I have witnessed, those around me have also healed and become free, just by me healing myself!


 I was totally amazed to hear what came through for me during the session that I was literally unable to speak. I was totally speechless!


I have been through unspeakable traumas that I have never voiced to another soul and she sat there and told me all of it in such a balanced and compassionate way, I felt so supported, seen and understood. 


She showed me all the other times and places that these patterns had occurred and why they had, and most importantly she healed me from them repeating over and over.  


I have never felt so free and unburdened in my life I can't believe the weight that I was carrying before and how I had become accustomed to existing that way. So many of us do.


I was a person that couldn’t do so many basic things, like go out, face the day. 

Everyone had given up on me including myself. 


My life has completely changed. I am in disbelief of who I am now and what I have achieved. I am finally being who I meant to be.


I have learnt so much from Amy about so many things about myself, others, the multidimensional nature of us and the soul, the human ego. 


I have become an open hearted, fearless, compassionate, loving person and my life is a reflection of just that.


Even if I told you what I experienced you wouldn't be able to believe me unless you experienced it too!


There is nothing more that can be said other than I am so thankful for Amy and her ability to teach and heal us here. I thought my life was over and now I am reborn.


Tracy Metin - Wellington New Zealand

To say Amy's reading was the best I have ever had, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.
The accuracy, the HUGE download of authentic information/details and action steps and wisdom she brings through the Akashic Records is PHENOMENAL.

I spoke to Amy at a time in my life, where I felt depressed, stagnant in my career, in limbo with my life, and lacking in energy and direction. I was grieving the loss of my mother, after 7 years of her dementia/depression/anxiety, which was exhausting, and to be frank, I was really resigned to giving up on myself, as Mom, and the responsibilities of being a single parent of 2 teens had run me dry. I felt very indecisive, exhausted, couldn't focus or concentrate, was angry and frustrated and procrasinating in my career/passion.

I was SO IMPRESSED with Amy's reading, it resonated so strongly with everything I knew, and didn't know, about myself.

In 4-8 weeks I feel truly TRANSFORMED. I have a new zest for life, know my purpose, what steps I need to take, and know exactly what my strengths, gifts and talents are. The syncronisities that have occurred/confirmed the truth, since her reading have BLOWN ME AWAY.

I have a morning routine that has made me HAPPIER more ENERGISED, and has become an ingrained habit I love. My children have noticed the NEW ME emerge, and I love how I am feeling, thinking and behaving.

I feel like my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF, my energy levels, and my CONFIDENCE have been REACTIVATED and TURBO BOOSTED. I now KNOW WHAT I WANT & WHAT I DESERVE, how I will make my IMPACT IN THE WORLD, and the DAILY ACTION STEPS
to get me there.

Through Amy's Soul Paths' POSITIVE & NURTURING GUIDANCE, I have FACED MY FEARS, and kept MOVING CLOSER to my TRUE works' CALLING. (something I was getting so lost and frustrated with before). Amy's LOVING DEDICATION and nudging, and ability to GUIDE ME TO MY HIGHEST PURPOSE have been scarey, LIBERATING & EXCITING. It has been so nice to have someone LOOKING OUT FOR ME, KEEPING ME GOING, pushing me when I needed, and also allowing me space. She has gently & compassionately helped me FACE TRUTHS, BELIEVE IN MYSELF, and BANISH LIMITING BELIEFS. When I have felt like giving up, she has LIFTED ME UP, and allowed me to EMBRACE MY STRENGTHS & resilience.

The information that Amy gave me from the first reading have since transformed into a Womens' Tranformational Course, One on One Coaching and Online Course, I am VERY PROUD of. Amy even found the first participant to do the course, giving me feedback that has been HUMBLING & INVALUABLE.







Anne Marie Reis - Melbourne Australia

I crossed paths with Amy, a few short weeks ago. I was referred to Amy by a good friend of mine. I had an initial reading with Amy which was amazing and then signed up for her soul path program. The guidance you will receive from Amy will be very clear and if you are willing to put in the work, things will change and will change quickly.


I was in desperate need of direction regarding my business. I knew my life calling is awakening people to their true potential but the passion and talent was not enough to bring clients through the door. I felt stuck, deflated and questioned myself.


In the first session with Amy I was shown my life path, purpose and untapped talents. This information just propelled me into a forward motion, boosting my confidence, giving me clarity, direction and purpose.


Amy encouraged me to write a soul healing and awakening program, and within a short few days I wrote it. I now have several clients on the program and lives are being changed in a profound way. Amy helped me to be more flexible in the way I approached certain aspects of my business and that has brought so much flow and ease and the things that would usually tie me in a knot no longer does. I have learned to surrender. Amy is a great teacher in the art of letting go and trusting things to unfold. She is not just “preaching” it, she is living proof of it.


Amy is such a generous soul and she shares her information so freely. Through Amy I have made wonderful connections who are in turn helping me take my business to the next level.

One of the big gifts Amy brought to me is connecting with a higher aspect of myself. Through her eyes, I could connect to an aspect of me that I did not know existed. In that I found healing and great peace.


Thank you Amy for holding the light while I was fumbling in the dark. You have encouraged me to shine my own light and follow my own path. I feel so blessed and privileged to know you. Keep shining your light.


If you need advice, of any kind, Amy will deliver it in such a way that you won’t be left doubting and wondering. Her delivery and approach is refreshing. Be prepared to be amazed and have fun along the way.


Annie Jury - Australia 

I have just completed the Soul Star Intensive Course with Amy and it was amazing! My friend gave me a Soul Path session with her first which was really accurate on many levels (relationships, this lifetime, past/parallel lives, work) and which identified that the next step on my path was expansion of my work in several ways. It's incredible how much everything has changed so positively in 8 short weeks! I am forever grateful to Amy for her guidance, coaching and support, her generosity in sharing her knowledge and for putting 1000% into her work with me. Highly recommended!


Tim York - UK
Amy changed my life. I had reached rock bottom and felt like I had literally nowhere to turn. Amy instantly helped me get at what was really holding me back and causing so much pain in my life. The healing and growth in my past life and childhood traumas enabled some of the fastest shifts I've ever known, in terms of my life experience and how I felt about myself. The insight, support, encouragement and guidance she provides is right up there in the apex of spiritual and worldly service. If you want to change your life fast and really step onto the highest path, you should absolutely have a session with her. She's pure gold. She's THAT GOOD!

Pure Akashic Record Reading Course Testimonials 

Donna Sutherlee - South Africa

I have done many courses on the Akashic Records at varying prices and lengths and I have to say that Amy’s really is a cut above the rest!

All the other courses that I did taught me a lot about the Akashic Records and how to use them, but I was still not able to grasp it in the way that Amy was able to teach me to. She broke it down in a way that was so fun, easy, simple, approachable and effective.

She got me through blocks and over doubt and fear into knowing. It has been so incredible for me to have this new type of sight, my world has become so much more colorful and vibrant.

I thought that only the gifted were able to achieve this sort of thing but now I know that with the right guidance and great teacher like Amy Balmer anyone can do this.

Being able to read for myself and others has changed my life completely it is such a wonderful resource to have access to! Anyone and everyone will benefit from this.

Not only have I learned how to read, I have also learned how to deeply heal others and myself. She also taught me how to have a profitable business from this too without needing to spend anything at all on advertising and marketing.

I am a Therapist and have been for many, many years and this new skill has integrated so well into my practice. I am now teaching some of my colleagues how to use the Akashic Records too as they have noticed the difference in my work and my patients results.

If you are thinking about doing an Akashic Record Course this is the one! Amy is such an interesting person and amazing teacher! I can’t thank her enough for everything that she has brought into my life and for those that I will go onto impact. Thank you Amy! From the bottom of my heart!


Sarah-Jane Ross - Canada

I have always been quite a shy person and keep myself to myself....I knew I was a bit different ever since I was little...I met Amy through having a Soul Star Session a friend that had been in one of her courses said I should give it a try….at the time I was feeling so down and out and isolated but for some reason I made the effort to see her.

It amazed me how accurate she was it was like she was reading my deepest most private thoughts the things I struggle to talk about…. there were a lot of tears but it was a huge relief....I felt so understood, seen and known by her and her abilities to see me on a soul level.

The Session revealed that I needed to be using the spiritual gifts that I have always known were there ...I had actually become quite ill in denying who and what I really was.

I had been stuck....frozen by my fear....

The way I connected with Amy made me feel safe and I just knew that I needed to take the course.
I am so amazed by how much it has changed my life in 4 weeks....I have been doing Akashic readings and healing's for me, my friends and family and for the first time in my life I feel like myself...it has really been such a gift to finally express what has been inside of me all this time..

she told me that being myself would get me well and it has my anxiety and depression has lifted and I feel so much more confident and happy these days...

I couldn’t of done it without Amy and for that I am forever grateful…and I can’t believe I am saying this but I am starting to read for strangers too...on live video...something before that I would not of done…

This course has totally changed my life I am more connected to myself and source ...I feel like I have come home to my soul self and that is priceless...




Session Testimonials

Michele - USA
ABIE Healing Session
'My son Sam introduced me to Amy with a gift of a Soul Path Reading which has become one of the greatest gifts of my life. This one hour session was pretty amazing. I continued to work with Amy and as I began doing Soul Healing and Emotional Release Healing sessions, my life truly began to transform. For more than 22 years I have suffered from recurring cycles of insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety followed by debilitating fatigue that would last for months.
I have had six ER visits in the past nine years and have visited so many doctors, specialists, psychologists, naturopaths etc who have all helped but in a limited way, with no one even willing to offer me a diagnosis until one doctor finally diagnosed me with ME/CFS last year. Currently there is no cure for this mostly misunderstood illness. In the initial reading Amy said I would be free of all of this and off all medication.
I feel better now than I have felt in years. I can sleep at night, my energy is back better than ever. I am happy. I have begun reducing the medications that I have been on and will continue to do so, secure in the knowledge that if Amy has said I would be healthy and medication free, then it will be so.
I am incredibly grateful to my son and to Amy who has helped and encouraged me through this journey.
Thank you Amy!'


Carrie Grimes - NZ Auckland

Amy I can’t thank you enough, after your reading I jumped in the car and drove like a madman to my sister’s house,, I rang the doorbell several times and banged on the door just like you said she did not answer. I phoned the police and ambulance and I broke it by throwing a pot plant at her kitchen window,,, I saw her on the floor her lips were blue the same as you saw.
She is now in hospital and alive thank god. There are no words for what you gave us that day I hope one day when she is a bit better that you can meet her and me so we can thank you.


J - UK

Amy, you really bring me to tears... because all you say makes so much sense! You have ex-rayed my Life. This session was a huge Blessing for me and I am very grateful
All that you said is spot on. I'm amazed by how gifted your are!
Thank you for writing down the action points xxx They will be my guiding Light to a better place and my Soulmate. I hope all the goodness you put into the world will come back as many Blessings your way!
Sara - Nevada
I'd like to say that my Soul Path reading with Amy was incredible!!!
Let me preface by saying I had zero knowledge about the Akashic records and readings and stumbled upon Amy's service, Almost like she found me. I decided to give it a go and was so facinated by what she told me. It all seemed vaguely familiar and actually pretty spot on. This experience has started a cascade of endless possibilities and multiple doors of exploration opening for me!!! I highly recommend Amy to any and all!!!
Her energy is so positive and fun, I didnt want our session to end. Thank you so much!!!!
~Sara Everett-Brown in USA
Layla - NZ
Hi Amy, thank you so much for the reading, it’s so good to have a direction. I was floundering badly because I had no idea where to start and I truly felt stuck. If study is the place to be then that’s perfect. I hate the thought of having a job with no meaning to me. And yes, the idea of being stuck in a one horse town doesn’t appeal to me. I want excitement and adventure but it’s also my biggest fear, which is probably why I need it. My secret longing is to be able to stand in front of a crowd sharing knowledge without puking of fear, but having people listen attentively, being the center of attention without making a complete fool of myself. But I shun it because of what people might think of me.
Anyways, it was really good and next time I’ll have whole other set of questions.

Mandy Rites - New Zealand

Soul Star Session 

Hi Amy, so I wanted to let you know my nephew is a new kid!!! I went and saw him after our chat and cried, told him the amazing things and future you saw for him, he was laying in bed where he always was, I told him how you saw him cheffing which is what he always wanted to do, and a future with a girl who you described, I hugged him, made him promise he would never harm himself, not long after, his got a job in a kitchen his doing a course in cheffing and looks to have another job lined up, his back playing golf, and comes out and hangs with all his family at events, no more sitting in his room, his so outgoing now. Thank you from all of my heart! 🙌🏼😘
You have no idea beautiful! I can’t thank you enough. His such an amazing kid

makes me feel so happy.



Justyna - Poland

Soul Star Session

Amy was truly spectacular. I loved her energy, enthusiasm and rawness which was nothing but inspirational. Time flew by, just like that. Your laughter and sense of humor is infectious.

The reading was spot on. I didn't know what to expect beforehand so decided to let go of any expectation and just to enjoy whatever was coming.

You made me think about my life and priorities differently. I know there is more surrendering in front of me but I'm ready. There is a hope too.

Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to future encounters again. I know these are coming.

With lots of love, 


Otis Brown III - USA

Soul Star Session

It doesn't matter who you are or how self actuated and aware you've become on your journey, if you are humble enough to hear and feel what Amy Balmer's purpose is and how authentic she shares her gifts with you about you..., your very essence will resonate with those hidden glimmers of innerstanding, those hidden shadows like a prick in your heartmind become illuminated and you will learn and experience the beauty and clarity of focus and growth. I am not Ego free as I would think that I am, and because I was humble enough to quiet myself... I have found more confidence, motivation and the focus I'll need to further achieve what I know is my destiny so that I may heal and help others also with the gifts that I have been given... I recommend to all of you if you are so moved as I am, to seek her out and know for yourself...., discover what's holding you back and rediscover what you may become as a being of light and love .... She's fantastic !!! Namaste



Wendy Madsen - New Zealand

Soul Star Session

Thank you so much for my reading and for my audio book! Your reading and positive energy has filled me up and inspired me, i felt like you really understood me and my path without me having to try explain myself which was so refreshing! And your validation actually brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful I can continue to learn and grow through the audio book I have received from you and by following your facebook posts. Words dont seem enough but thank you so much!



Clifford Tuffs - New Zealand

Soul Star Session

I have been experiencing chronic fatigue for over three years now. I have been through a personal hell. I was wondering what my life is all about, what am I doing here on earth. I feel I am here for a larger purpose than the life I was leading, then to fall ill and be chronically ill. I had many very dark thoughts about me leaving earth, I felt so lost and like an absolute loser. I was slowly, and when I could, working on an idea I had three years ago. So, I continued to work on my idea, I believe it is a big idea, and if I told anybody about it, I am sure I would get laughed at, I continued anyway. I had a reading done by Amy, I couldn't believe how accurate the information was that I was hearing! Hearing the things I am currently doing and have been doing for a little while now, just nobody knew, because I didn't tell anybody, and will be doing. I feel more at peace now. I feel I am doing with my life what I came here to do and for other people. I now feel more of a sense of purpose and excited about it.



Alyssa Drake - NZ

I have no idea how I haven't given you a review yet?! You have seriously, completely changed my life in a way that's hard to put down in writing. You're forever going above and beyond and have been a shining light through some of my darkest days. Your guidance and clarity constantly leave me speechless more times than not, and your continued support and belief in me is simply inspiring. I'm so so pleased I trusted my own intuition enough to get in contact with you as it's been one incredible journey since. There aren't enough stars to express how highly I recommend Amy! Much Love to you always - Lissy X



Samuel Hopkins - USA

Soul Path Session

Amy was able to access information that cleared up a LOT of lingering questions for me. The information she gave me was not something that could have been guessed or implied. Very specific answers to the questions I asked and has set me forth with a pep in my step on my journey of love and light. Thanks.



Vicki Simner - NZ

Healing Session/Lesson

Amy im still reeling from my session with u. i have spent at least 18 years heavily involved with spirituality, courses, workshops. in london where standard is so so high. and i know the praise makes u feel uncomfortable. but the stuff u r dealing with and teaching is absolutely the most up to date, off the chart, high high quality amazing top of the top bollocks. wow. it really is top quality. and so so so applicable for the now. Im so fucking chuffed our paths have crossed cause finally i feel ive come across a really decent teacher. its been a long time waiting for me. no need to respond as i know u dont feel comfortable with the praise but credit is due mrs!!! Honestly!! Love it!! Love u xx




Eleni Koftis - USA

Soul Path Session

Immediately Amy adapted in my life, revealing key factors about my present relations, lifestyle, emotions, and where it can lead. A pure delight. On point, in tune with the records and translations to me. I highly recommend. Just her energy through her voice alone is excellence!!




Asaya Belove - Australia 

Soul Star Session

No words can truly describe the experience of Amy's reading. I do recommend highly to have one. Clarity of co-creative connection to the divine and our part in this earth connection will be clear after having a reading. This in itself is key. I have watched others flourish after Amy's readings. Amy is in herself a person who genuinely wants others to live their purpose. She is on point with her messages, delivered with truth and so much more than guidance alone. She reads you, no agenda. Heard exactly as you need to hear and exactly what needs to be told. I am so very thankful to have had a reading. Life changes after Amy's reading. I've witnessed it in others and I'm feeling it in myself.




Janet Gracey - Ireland

Soul Path Session 

Had a session with Amy on Sunday. She gets to the "core" of your issues and gives some really helpful, practical advice in how to move forward. She most definitely has a special gift and I would highly recommend her xx




Adeline Le Roux - UK 

Soul Path Session 

Amy is an incredible channel of truth, clear vision, insightful messages. She has an amazing energy, warm and generous and I'm very grateful for the gift that she offers through her amazing soul path reading. Thank you very much Amy for your amazing work and the stunning soul that you are. Blessings ❤️




Gia George - Australia 

Soul Path Session 

What an incredible experience, working with Amy, from Soul Path Sessions
I had read about Akashic Records & understood, the concept, but the in-depth informative that came through, was mind blowing
The reading included, future study & Healing Modalities, that I will create & share, along with my story, to help & support others, something that I am in the process of doing
My passion is Intuitive Medical Healing, Amy gifted me a book from an admired Healer & Author
Amy is a truely beautiful soul & I thank her for her guidance.


Jenny Kennedy - New Zealand

Soul Path Session

Amy did a reading for me today and it was as if she was one step ahead of me. She told me very clearly my next steps in business and what I needed to do. It was perfect, totally resonated with my soul. I now have such a lot of clarity and excitement moving forward. Simply put,Amy has made it easy for me to follow my heart’s calling. Thank you Amy. You are a beautiful soul with a magnificent gift.


Amber Bug - New Zealand

Soul Mother Session

'I had a session with Amy a couple of months ago. She was lovely to connect with and I was blown away by what she told me. To the point where I thought "what's the catch?" Some of the things Amy revealed were so far from where my life was heading at the time I couldn't see how it was possible. She was so real that I felt she was the real deal though. Only a short time later I get it. There was no catch and life has spun 180 degrees! I highly recommend a session with Amy.


Christina Rose - Zimbabwe 

Soul Star Session

Thank you Amy for stepping into the clear and pure conduit you are and braving your role as a messenger, healer, PR advocate, warrior of truth, to assist others so that they may do the same to live to their full potential for this multi dimensional experience. You really have assisted in making the process easier to navigate, easier to accept truth and done so in a way that ignites the divine spark with in to co-create NOW. No mucking around. I love your delivery of information, your genuine desire to see others success unfold is refreshing. I'm also going to add that I'm witnessing the earth realm literally change by way of others I know who have had a reading with you. You are earth's prayer manifested for healing and awakening.


A private soul UK

Soul Path Session

Many thanks Amy from the core of my heart for your time & efforts. 
I resonated with each word of yours. Amy talked about the energy around me & how my past lives have been effecting me & my soul path choice. Within the session she gave me pathways to explore and support system. She had an action plan drafted within the session which was too fast paced for me to process everything after a phase of inertia. 
I was so glad & grateful to hear my dad's message who passed away 16 months ago & conveying his wish, opposite of what he wished when alive, about my life decisions. Also Amy could also guide me to my cosmic team😊. 
A session with Amy is all you need to move forward with confidence practically.


Mackensey - Savannah USA

Soul Path Session

My soul path reading with Amy was one of the most accurate and profound intuitive readings I've ever received. I have been going through so much change and transformation, leading to a lot of growth but also a lot of confusion as to which path I should take moving forward. It was so helpful to have Amy there to reflect back to me what I already knew inside of myself. Her guidance was forward and assertive but in a way that didn't make me feel pressured. She is gentle and loving in her delivery and I highly recommend working with her if you are looking to reconnect with your soul!


Brittany Earl - Hawaii

My session with Amy was the most incredible experience. It was totally legit and I can highly recommend a session with her. It stirred up a lot for me which was immaculate timing-wise, things rising up ready to be released. I am very grateful for the reading I had with Amy. Thank you! Britt.


Janine Breckon - New Zealand

Soul Path Session

I have just had a reading in the last 30 minutes from Amy Balmer The Soul Path Sessions and I kid you not Amy is a book of knowledge within herself & very intuitive and gifted. You see what Amy told me I resonated with also Amy mentioned something today that I knew but & no one else. That truly stood out so would I recommend Amy Balmer absolutely in a heartbeat, you will thank yourself for doing so. Blessings.


Martienne Luz Angelique - Australia 

Soul Star Session

Amy is Amazing! She is the real deal. The only reading I have had that clearly articulated the blocks/challenges I was experiencing and also provided a solution/pathway to clear/heal them. Boom!!!
I Highly Recommend this amazing lady!


Anne-Marie Reis - Australia  

Soul Path Session

Amy is very clear and to the point with her messages. My questions were answered even before I asked them. The guidance given was very specific and brought a lot of clarity, relief and peace. Amy has a warm presence and you will not question the information she will share with you. If you find yourself wondering about what to do with your life, then get into contact with Amy. You deserve to have the peace and clarity. 


Petta KneeLah - Australia 

Soul Path Session

I had a beautiful Akashic Records reading with Amy earlier today. She delivered what I know to be TRUE. She touched on lifetimes I have full memory recall of and relationship readings with family members was spot on. I know Amy is holding a sacred and authentic gift in navigating the records. The reading was detailed, clear, healing and brought clear structure to my soul work and soul relationships. Highly recommend a session with Amy.


Lili Ya - Canada

Soul Path Session

Amy is a talented soul that connected you with your inner self. She is energetic and positive. When I contacted her I have already received some information but she was amazingly explain everything in details and she brought me lots of clarity and also made me more excited about my future. Thank you lovely Amy!


Racheal Madeline Pereira - Great Britain

Soul Star Session

Amy tuned in so quickly and clearly and it went beyond what I was hoping to find out as it was very clear, direct and concise. Amy gave her time generously and held no judgement against me in any way , just a very open heart and clear channel wanting to serve without ego. I am happy that there are people doing this kind of work as it could have taken years of soul searching or wrong paths to just get this clear answer which made perfect sense. Also I felt I was talking to a real person not somebody on a spiritual ego trip which was quite refreshing and felt I could be myself and be seen and loved for who I am . Many thanks Amy x



Clare Rodwell - New Zealand

Soul Path Session

Amy is the real deal, she truly can access your life records. My mind has been buzzing since my reading less than 24 hours ago. Amy talks to you in a way that you can understand and makes sure that you do understand. If you need clarity this is for you. I am happy with my life but always felt that something was missing, Amy has shown me my soul purpose and I'm making changes already. I definitely recommend to have a reading with her.


Michelle Keil - Australia  

Soul Star Session/ Soul Path Session

Mind blown! In all my decades of spiritual work I have never met anyone like Amy. In just an hour she was able to describe exactly what my highest soul path is, as well as clear up questions and doubts about key relationships that have haunted me and given me years of turmoil. Her reading was so specific about my life moving forward, I feel like it has lifted me into a new, higher trajectory. Amy is pure gold, an incredible gift from the highest Source. Anyone thinking of having a reading I would say definitely do! Totally life changing. Thank you so much Amy!.

I also want to thank Amy SO much for doing readings for my 19 yo son and 18 yo daughter.

Both were feeling lost in life direction, unsure of which career path to take and overwhelmed. My daughter had become tangled in a relationship which she couldn’t get free of. The readings were entirely different for each child, and gave both the clarity, confidence, enthusiasm and forward vision to step boldly into their futures. My daughter is already booking her overseas trip, and Amy’s explanation of the past life links to her boyfriend have enabled her to finally let that one go. My son finally feels the certainty of direction he has wanted, and is diving into his uni degree with fresh focus and enthusiasm.

As a mum I am just so grateful to see my children happy and feeling on track. So glad they don’t have to stumble around in the dark for another 30 years like me!!! Can’t thank you enough Amazing Amy Balmer.


Pam Buswell - Canada 

Soul Path Session

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the Akashic reading you did for me . It rings incredibly true on all levels , I don’t know how you do it but you have a phenomenal gift . I am sooo comforted and inspired . I will recommend you very happily to my friends and ppl I meet who will benefit as I just have . Blessing to you , dear Soul.

Pam X


Tangiera Haimona - New Zealand

Soul Path Session

Amy has a lovely energy and is very easy to talk to .

she is definitely a genuine and authentic person. who provides professional assistance and guidance.

her humility and love is a true gift and her gift is Truely lovely and humbling..

nga mihi aroha atu kei a koe e hoa

love and light..


Ollie Wright - New Zealand

Do yourself a favor and get a reading from Amy! She will help to unlock your true path in this life time and show you what your true potential really is. Amy has been a huge help to me, can’t wait to book my next reading!


Karen Hyatt - USA

Soul Path Session

Amy did a reading for me a few weeks back. I found her to be engaging, energetic and passionate about using her gifts. I enjoyed our conversation and I appreciated her being forthright, non-judging and intuitive with what she shared with me. I found so much of what she said spot on and very helpful.

Amy truly is gifted and will be able to help so many people along her journey. Thank you Amy for stepping into your power of influence and doing it for the right reasons.


Eugene & Angelica Sedletsky - Peru

Soul Star Session

Amy has a tremendous gift, that she shares openly and fully in the name of Healing for all. Her perceptiveness and clear receiving of the Akashic messages during our session was just awe-inspiring... and it was beautiful how much accurate and Clear information flowed through her to be shared.

We highly recommend working with this beautiful soul who has so much to share with the world, in pure humility and surrender. Whatever stage of your journey you are at, there is something to receive for all!

Especially in these often challenging times we are experiencing as a collective.. if you have *anything* at all that you are seeking answers or clarity on - Amy's work is the place to start!

Thank you again, dear one.. and deepest blessings from Peru. 

-Eugene & Angelica


Manya Saipen - New Zealand 

Soul Star Session

My reading with Amy was so profound, without saying too much about myself, Amy was able to describe me to a T so i felt that she established the connection needed to feel it was truth and proceeded to let me know so much about my journey in this life that was life changing. Wonderful work Amy thank you.

Sarah Clarke - France

Soul Path Session

I am still trying to process my reading with Amy, as a person who is highly skeptical of psychics but also very spiritual (very conflicting I know) I was amazed to hear things from Amy that I have been too scared to voice to anyone about my life path and changes I want to make to reflect my inner growth. Amy has given me the courage to lean into this and I am feeling excited for what is to come. I recommend getting a reading with Amy, she is genuine and a joy to chat to.


Debbie O'Grady - Australia 

Soul Mother Session

I had a wonderful reading with Amy today. The information shared with me was not what I was expecting at all haha. She gave me a look into my future that I had never considered before, but it has made me very intrigued to follow the pathways and see where my beautiful journey leads me. The insights shared were informative and communicated in a relaxed and easy-going manner which allowed me to feel instantly comfortable speaking with Amy. Thank you so much for the time you spent talking with me, you have such a beautiful gift to share with humanity!


Michelle Palmer - South Africa 

Soul Path Session

Amy has a powerful way of communicating soul purposes and really taps into the heart of the matter. I am blown away by the possibilities that are now open to me that she uncovered and made clear to me in our session. Pure love and amazing insight. I can highly recommend a reading with her! I will definitely be back for more!!


Mike Sinclair - Australia 

Soul Star Session

Amy was recommended to me by a really close friend. To say she is gifted is an understatement. Amy is an extraordinary practitioner whose soul path readings, accessing the akashic records, empower you to move forward unlocking your highest potential. Having this session from her confirmed accurately my current life journey to date, including current and past contracts, and has profoundly highlighted where I should be and the path I should take. Confirmation of family, health, relationships, career, purpose and abundance, and other areas covered with Amy, has set a framework to build upon to achieve the path my soul has been built for. Thank you again and look forward to following up.


Iuliana Orzan Sanda - Denmark

Soul Star Session

My session with Amy was absolutely amazing. She’s kind, open and very clear in communicating deep, sometimes abstract matters. For me it was such a blessing to talk to someone, whom I felt, could understand me and bring some clarity to my direction. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy’s sessions.


Karrien Steinborn - USA

Soul Path Session

I absolutely loved the reading. She was accurate and very forthcoming with the information that I needed but also showing me the reason why I needed that i formation. I honestly needed guidance on several aspects of my life and path work. She was able to access the record and see where I've been and where I should start my positive process of change.
I left the call feeling empowered and ready for my life path that is going to be awesome!!


Neil Hunter - USA

Soul Path Session 

I had a reading with Amy a few weeks ago and am still integrating and processing the guidance and wisdom she shared with me. II feel so blessed and grateful to have connected with her. It's wonderful to know someone that is so talented , generous and divinely guided. Thank you Amy for sharing your gifts. With much love and appreciation.


Sarah Clapperton - New Zealand

Soul Star Session 

Amy, is a breath of fresh air. In a spiritual world where people can wield their ego as a trophy to heaven Amy is real and transparent with a great dose of authenticity . Amy helped me confirm the "fuck yes" part of me that is passionate about serving humanity and was humble and direct with a good splash of humor. Amy is definitely someone I will be recommending to friends and clients alike. Accurate, uplifting and on point . Thank you , thank you, thank you.


Lorelei Mercado - Philippines 

Soul Path Session

Amy you have been a great help in my search for my life's purpose.You really have the gift and you answered lots of questions in my heart.your reading resonates with me,.And I'm now more confident and happier to face my future.Thank you so much.I will really recommend you to my friends.


Uta Mittelstadt - Germany

Soul Path Session

Amy exudes a beautiful energy, is charming and overflowing with positivity. The reading with her was eye-opening and very inspirational. I am able to take away much from this reading that undoubtedly will have an impact on my future.


Lynda Wynn - USA

Soul Path Session

Amy was spot on with everything she told me. She is a beautiful amazing person and soul. I would recommend her to anyone for a reading. Thank you so much Amy.