The Soul Path Program Coaching Academy
12 Week Program

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You can change lives too! Learn to empower people through this unique spiritual coaching program. Leave your impact on the world, while leading others through their own soul path journey.


Module 1:

Take your own Soul Path Journey

To lead others we must first walk through our own Soul Path Journey.
In this module, I access your Akashic Record's unlocking your highest potential leading you along your own unique Soul Path.

You will experience first hand the progressive power of the Soul Path Program.

Come to deeply know and understand yourself, discover what has been holding you back as we break through all limiting beliefs, paradigms, and fears that have previously blocked you from your Soul Path denying you of the life you truly deserve.

Duration: 30 Days

Module 2:

Learn the Methodology

Learn my exact methodology to practically apply this powerful life-changing process.

Topics Covered:

Soul Reading

- Soul Blueprints 

- Soul Contracts and Karmic Bonds

- The highest potential and point of attraction 

- Past life reading


Time and Space

- The multi and inter-dimensional layers

- How they work and what this means

- Mining the Akash and implantation 



- Soul Fragmentation and Integration 

- Akashic Soul Healing 

- Past lives and their relevance to the now


Spiritual Coaching 

How to devise progressive coaching from this enabling you to powerfully and rapidly transform people's lives.

Duration: 30 Days


Module 3:
Coach your Participant

Experience the incredible feeling of helping others as a Soul Path Program Coach.

With my continued guidance and support you'll put into practice your new-found spiritual wisdom as you coach your first participant. You'll take them on their own 30-day Soul Path Program Journey, which will transform their life forever.

Duration: 30 Days