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ABIE™ Emergency Healing Session

'When Brandon almost died, I had a life-changing spiritual experience.The only way I can really explain it to you, is to tell you what happened….When the doctors said Brandon was critically ill and might not make it, I ran to the bathroom to break into uncontrollable sobs.I knew I had to stop crying and get my shit together, so I forced myself to dry my face and walk back into the room.We were allowed in the hospital room while they worked on Brandon. The room was filled with doctors, pumping his chest, discussing options. They couldn’t understand why he was deteriorating so quickly and severely. read the full version by hitting the read testimonal button.

Amanda - UK

ABIE™ Healing Session

The beautiful healing, energy and wisdom that Amy has provided me with this past week has helped to completely shift my life. Truthfully, I feel limited in my words when it comes to articulating this experience. Amy is incredibly gifted — we are very blessed to have her Soul here on Earth at this time. Personally, I was depressed, anxious, stuck, lost and deeply traumatised. Within less than a day, there were so many beautiful changes happening. While I am still integrating, I wish to express nothing but love and a deep gratitude for the healing and connection. I highly recommend Amy and her services. 

Jono - New Zealand

ABIE™Training Practitioner 

My healing session with Amy honestly changed my life. It was super detailed and she cut through all the bits to really get to the heart of things. Amy is so insightful and able to express and explain everything so beautifully. After the session I felt uplifted and happy for the first time in years, I felt free and have been able to reconnect to the things that make my heart happy. My whole perspective of myself and my life has changed profoundly- for the better. I feel like my whole self is now aligned -  the things I knew in my head are now also resonating with my heart and soul and vice versa  I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me move through my grief and anger and get to a place of peace and happiness. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!


it’s hard to put into words the light that flows through Amy, and the incredible healing and wisdom she naturally exudes.I received an ABIE™ healing from Amy that was beyond any healing I’ve had to date
I felt the energy flow and the whispers from she.I came face to face with fears that have been keeping my light from shining bright and confronting fear that has kept me in the shadows for far to long.When the session was over, I found it hard to describe just how nourishing it was for my soul

Alyssa - NZ

I have had both Soul readings and ABIE™ healing sessions with Amy and she is nothing short of phenomenal! There are no (earthly) words for what her soul work has done for my life.

She have me light in my darkness. Hope when I was feeling hopeless and direction when I was completely aimless. I’m so glad I opened my heart to her craft. The differences after having a Soul Healing session with her did not go unnoticed by family and friends. I’m finally coming into my true self and all thanks to her and her gifts! She is so genuine, articulate and graceful in her delivery of what is undoubtedly divine messaging. Her precision, accuracy and knowing makes clear that there is no doubt divinity/light/source works through her.

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